Luke's Little Sister

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  • Publiceret: 24 jul. 2014
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Hi its Emily Hemmings this is my life being Luke Hemming's little sister


15. I'll tell you later

Lacie's POV

I was walking down stairs to get food from the pantry when my phone rang i ran to get it it was Emily



E:hey you need to come to my house now


E:I'll tell you later i promise just hurry

L:ok bye

~end of convo~

Hm i wonder what's up with her oh well i thought to myself. I quickly ran to my car.

Liam's POV (finally)

I was on my way to call the boys down for lunch of course Niall was the first to come down. Niall quickly ran and sat down and started eating instantly. Then my phone rang


E:hey you guys need to come over hurry


E:just hurry I'll tell you and the lads once you come over!

L:ok,ok bye

~end of convo~

"LADS WE NEED TO GO NOW!!" I screeched "to where?" Harry asked

"Luke and Emily's!" Niall remembered how much good they have there so he screeched "LET'S GO!"

Emily's POV

I quickly ran downstairs to see that the boys apparently went up to the Attic and found some of my toys that i used to play with and they were playing with Alasia. I quickly took some pictures and posted them on twitter all of a sudden i heard their phones go off.Once they looked at what it was they turned around and they all laughed. "Same old Emily" Luke said. Once i turned to look at Alasia she looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes and smiled a real smile not a fake one. "So Alasia what do you think of those toys?" "They're really fun to play with!" "Well that's what we're supposed to be here for" Ash said and we all laughed at the little joke. "So who's hungry?" With that everyone raised their hands. "Alright what do you want?" They all were thinking "uhhhmmm PIZZA!!" They all said in unison. I just started to call the pizza place when the lads and Lacie pulled in the driveway ok well here goes.

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