Luke's Little Sister

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  • Publiceret: 24 jul. 2014
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Hi its Emily Hemmings this is my life being Luke Hemming's little sister


2. Hi my name is Collumn

~Emily's P.O.V~


 i was sitting on the fluffy purple butterfly chair eating a banana  scrolling through Tumblr when my older brother walks through the door. "Hai" i say with banana in my mouth "BILLYBOB!" My best friend yells launching herself over Luke to hug me.  "FRANBOB!" I screech hugging her. I hear Luke groan in the floor and Lacie laughs "Sorry Luke... SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!" I laugh and i see two kinda familiar boys. I have known Mikey since Luke first brought him over with Lacie, but I've never physically met Calum and Ashton. I was at Lacie's when Ashton and Calum came over. "Well Em, this is Cal and Ash."  Luke says getting up from the floor. "Hai" i smile and Calum catches my eye. I mean Ash and Cal are hot but there's something to Cal. Hmm. "OKEY BITCHES WHAT'S THE NEWS?!" She yells jumping on Ashton's back. "Well Mikey and Luke should tell you."  Cal say. Woah. I have the same accent but his sounds hot. I look at Lacie confused and she looked at me the same then messed with Ashton's bandana.I look back at Luke and Mikey "Well we are going on tour and we were going to ask you and Lacie to come with us." I look at Lacie and we both scream "YASSS." Then Ashton screeches " STOP MESSIN WITH MY BANDANA LACIE!!" At Lacie. I laugh and pull Lacie off of Ashton and run upstairs to pack. 

Calum's P.O.V


There's something about Emily  i just cant put my finger on it. I sit in the chair i first saw Emily in.

Luke chucks a controller at me then turns the Xbox on while Ash walks up the stairs. Damn, how can somebody NOT like FIFA?


Lacie's pov


Emily and i are jamming to Cher Lloyd when Ash walks in yelling "YOU CAN'T STOP LOOKING

AT ME!" And jumping in Emily's bed with us. Out of the lads Ash is my best friend. We all start twerking and Cal runs in then starts doing that move Mikey and Cal do. Mikey joins in then Luke runs in picking me up and jumping around. Soon enough we were all in Emily's room twerking to "Black Widow" by Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora. 



SORRY IT WAS SHORT!!!! This is my first movella so bare with me please my BFF is helping me out her name is Lacie so give a thanks to Lacie for making my movella less horrible 


- Emily Hood

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