Luke's Little Sister

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  • Publiceret: 24 jul. 2014
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Hi its Emily Hemmings this is my life being Luke Hemming's little sister


6. Calum's cuddles

Lacie's POV

Last night i saw something so cute it was ... Emily and Calum cuddling!! So being the best friend i am i took a couple of pictures alright alright! I took like 10 but there's barely a difference! Oh yea my date i forgot this morning me and Emily went shopping i got some jean shorts and a Janoskians tee i got to admit it was so cute. I love shopping with Emily cuz dat gurl got a fashion sense!! Anyways right now I'm getting ready so i took a shower dried my hair i put it in a doughnut bun with 2 hairs coming down off the side of my head and i curled them and i applied light mascara and a little bit of eye shadow oh yea and eye liner i gotta admit i looked phanomaNiall(see what I did there) i was wearing some black converse and that was it so off we went! Hopefully this will turn out to be amazing

Emily's POV

I'm so excited for Lacie and Lucas i can't wait to hear all about it! So I wen't into the kitchen got a banana and I was watching vines when i heard a door open and close i looked at the stairs and the stood Calum he was nervous i could tell so when he walked up to me gave me a small piece of paper and he said "fill it out and slide it under my door at 9:00" i nodded and he walked away and i opened and there laid the question i have been waiting for.

On it it said

"Hi Emily I've always found you so beautiful and so warm to cuddle with so whoo here's the hard part i was wondering if you wanted to go out sometime check yes 🔲 or no 🔲" it was so cute i checked yes it was already 9:05 i ran upstairs and i knelt down by his door and I saw knees he was waiting for me so i slipped the note under the door and not even a second later he grabbed it and opened it then i heard "YES SHE ACTUALLY SAID YES!" I giggled and he must've heard me cause he opened the door and smiled so i hugged him and he hugged back it felt perfect i think I'm fallin hard for Calum

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