Apocalypse [5SOS & The Walking Dead]

Maddie didn't expect to ever meet her ex-best friend, Luke, again. Especially not after the world was taken over by walkers. But to survive isn't easy for anyone in the group, when Luke still can't forgive Maddie. [This fanfiction contains the 4 members of 5SOS and the characters from AMC's The Walking Dead, plus some made-up characters. Also, the story is made up and does not follow the original story]


9. 9; photo


“Andrea,” I said, not taking my eyes from the biter in front of me, who only an hour earlier had been a man. Ethan Daniels had volunteered to be a part of my little ‘experiment’ after my last attempt with Mr. Coleman did not work out the way I wanted it to. Ethan was only 19, but he always said that he thought my experiment was interesting, so he said, that if he was bitten or died in another way. I let out a sigh, and looked up at Andrea. “Turn on the music, please,” I said, looking down at Ethan again. The zombified version of the Ethan struggled to get to me, his mouth was wide open and he was groaning loudly. I heard the soft tunes of a violin fill the room.

“I can’t believe you’re actually trying this again, Milton,” Andrea mumbled, shaking her head. “We both know it’s not going to work.”

“We can at least try, Andrea. What if it actually works this time?” I said as I grabbed the pictures that he had given me of his mom, his brother and his girlfriend, who all lived in Woodbury. To begin with, I held the picture of his girlfriend up in front of his eyes. It didn’t seem to change his behavior at all.

”Told ya,” Andrea chuckled. I frowned, and tried again, this time with the picture of his brother. Still no reaction. “Milton, why even try? It’s a waste of time! Wouldn’t it be better to try find a… a cure or something like that?”

“I’m not sure there IS a cure,” I said.

“No? And why is that?” she asked.

I let out another sigh. “Andrea, this isn’t like the flu or Ebola. This is the dead coming back to life, and when people die, they aren’t supposed to come back.”

“Then why are you convinced that we can remind the walkers of the life they had before they died, huh?” Andrea shouted at me, making the biter even crazier.

“It’s for Philip, okay!?” I hissed quietly. Andreas looked confused.

“Uh, the last time I checked Philip was alive, Milton. What use do all these experiments have to him?” she asked.

“Oh, he-he didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“Look, I’m not actually supposed to tell-“

“Either you tell me or I’ll ask him myself.”

I had to tell her. If she asked Philip, he would have known she had it from me. “Okay! His daughter. She’s a biter. He keeps her in his apartment. He believes that there’s still hope. That she can come back, and be his little girl again.” Andrea rolled her eyes.

“What is wrong with everyone in this place?” Andrea said and I shrugged. I held the last picture up in front of Ethan. Still nothing. “See, I told you it wouldn’t work this time either,” Andrea said just before stabbing Ethan in the head.



The following couple of days were pretty loud. Judith was sick. Michael and Calum were back to being those two noisy teenage boys they always had been. Rick was still trying to figure out what happened that night when the walkers got into the prison yard. Carol was trying to make life miserable for Maddie, which didn’t really work. They were always bickering, and everyone HATED it. Carol did some seriously weird stuff, and sometimes she really crossed the line. She told Daryl about Luke and Maddie, which he already knew, and Daryl didn’t care what happened between Luke and Maddie, really, as long as he didn’t flirt with her or something like that. She also tried to kiss him when they were in the guard tower together. Maddie got so furious when she found out, and she almost kissed Carol. She probably would have if Daryl and Rick hadn‘t stopped her.

However, on this exact day, she found a picture in Maddie’s pocket when she was doing laundry. It was the picture where Luke was kissing Maddie on the cheek. Carol smiled evilly to herself and put the picture in her pocket to show Daryl later on. She finished doing laundry and went back inside the prison to cellblock C. As usual, Beth was walking around with Judith, singing to her. Carol smiled to herself. She had always loved Beth’s singing voice. She walked towards Mason and Millie’s cell. Mason was reading Millie a story from a book he had found a few weeks ago. Carol went into the cell and stared at Maddie’s siblings for a moment. She wondered how someone she hated so much could have such amazing siblings. Mason was so caring and didn’t like Daryl and Maddie’s relationship, just like herself, and Millie was just adorable and caring as well. She didn’t stand there for long before the two siblings noticed her.

“Hey Carol,” Millie said happily, smiling at her. Mason smiled and greeted her as well.

“Hey you two. I was wondering if you know where Daryl is,” Carol said. Mason frowned. As much as he didn’t like his sister and Daryl being together, he hated that Carol couldn’t just let them be happy.

“The guard tower maybe. Why?” Mason asked. Carol lied and told him that she had to ask him about when he was going out hunting again. Mason didn’t buy it, but didn’t bother asking her again, so he nodded and watched her leave.

Carol went outside and to the guard tower. Mason was right; Daryl was there with Rick. She walked up the stairs and greeted them as she reached the top. Both of the men greeted her back and smiled. “Rick, can I just talk to Daryl alone for a moment?” she asked. Rick nodded and left the tower.

“What now, Carol?” Daryl asked her and sighed. He was also growing tired of Carol’s constant attempts to destroy his and Maddie’s relationship.

Carol took the picture of her pocket and handed it to Daryl. “I found this,” she said. Daryl shrugged.

“Why would I care? She hasn’t even talked to Luke since him and the others got here,” Daryl said, giving Carol back the photo.

Carol frowned. “Maybe they’re hiding their relationship. Maybe-“

“Carol, why are ya tryin’ so hard to ruin what Maddie and I have? Why can’t ya just be happy for me?” he snapped.

“I just don’t you to get hurt,” she said stepping closer to him. “What if I’m right? Won’t you be heartbroken?” She stepped even close and placed her hand on his arm. Daryl was about to say something when Mason and Rick stepped into the room. Mason grabbed Carol’s arm and jerk her away from Daryl. This was the first time she had seen Mason like that. He was furious.

“You stay away from him, got it? I might not approve of my sister and Daryl’s relationship, but that doesn’t mean I’m not happy that she’s happy,” he said angrily. He saw the picture in her hand and took it from her. He looked at it and tried his hardest not to smile. “Where did you get this?” he asked her.

“It was in Maddie’s pocket,” Carol said.

Mason looked up at her. “You’re giving it back to her, and from now on you leave her and Daryl alone,” he said and gave her the picture again before leaving the tower, leaving her with Rick and Daryl. She looked at Daryl.

“Are you really as happy as Mason and Maddie keep saying that you are?” Carol said, almost in a whisper. He nodded. She held back the tears, not wanting Daryl to see her crying, but as soon as she was outside the tower, she couldn’t hold them back anymore. Deep down she had known all along, but it was too painful to admit to herself, and the fact that she just got it confirmed by Daryl broke her heart.


Meanwhile, Rick and Daryl were in the tower, still not really sure what happened. They just looked at each other. Daryl couldn’t really see why Carol wanted to be with him so badly. Yes, he did look for her daughter when she went missing, but that didn’t mean he loved her. He was also surprised by the fact that Mason told Carol those things. He was happy she did though, but it was still weird, considering that he didn’t like that they were together. He just hoped that Carol could leave them alone now.



A/N - So far this is my favorite chapter, to be honest. I didn't really have an idea to this chapter, so I decided to write it in Milton's POV, because I thought it'd be good to also have a bit of Woodbury in the fanfic. I'd really like to know what you think about this, so please comment :) xxx

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