Apocalypse [5SOS & The Walking Dead]

Maddie didn't expect to ever meet her ex-best friend, Luke, again. Especially not after the world was taken over by walkers. But to survive isn't easy for anyone in the group, when Luke still can't forgive Maddie. [This fanfiction contains the 4 members of 5SOS and the characters from AMC's The Walking Dead, plus some made-up characters. Also, the story is made up and does not follow the original story]


1. 1; legs.


I rolled my eyes at the sight of Michael and Calum chasing each other around the forest. We'd been the same place for a few weeks now, and after been attacked several times by herds of those freaks, we came to the conclusion that moving on was probably the best thing to do. And the reason for the many attackts were usually Michael and Calums never ending fooling around. It had almost cost us our lives a few times. I never really understood how they remained so happy and carefree with everything that happened. It was a wonder none of us had died by then, really.

"GUYS!" I suddenly heard Michaels voice call. Ashton and I both let out a sigh and went to see what was going on. Calum and Michael were both standing by the lake we'd been drinking water from and bathing the past few weeks. Good thing we were leaving that day, because now a walker was lying in the water, cut in half. 

"How did it get in the water? I mean, it has no legs, it couldn't just have walked into the water and lost it legs. That's, like, kinda impossible... Right?" Ashton said, as a question more than a conclusion. But he was right. I looked towards the hill across the lake, where we had jumped from plenty of times. I walked up there, and sure enough; it's legs were there. But how? It hadn't just lost its legs. It was clear that they had been seperated with a blade of some kind. It made me scared, and actually a bit nauseous. To think there was someone out there that could possibly kill us was weird. 

I heard footsteps behind me. I quickly turned around and pointed my knife at the person, thinking it was one of the freaks, or some psycho who wanted to murder me. But it was neither. It was Michael. "Dude, you scared me!" I breathed out. He grinned at me before looking down at the legs on the ground. 

"Looks like someone got him," he said, his grin now gone. I nodded. "But hey, at least there's a possibility that there are other people out there, ya know?" I chuckled. Michael always managed to find something to be happy about, even in the darkest times. To me, it was sad to see, because I knew that he was broken inside. He had lost everything, well, except us. We all lost everything, but I guess Michael was more scarred than the rest of us.

Calum and Ashton didn't know it. They weren't there that day. Basically, Michael and I were the first in the band to find out about the whole apocalypse thing. We were on tour with the 1D boys. It was a few hours before show start, and Michael and I were in our hotel room while Ash and Cal were at the stadium, preparing for the show. We were playing Pokémon on our Nintendo DS's and of course Michael won, because he was the champion of this game, like, he was invincible! Suddenly Michaels phone rang. It was his mom. She hadn't been feeling well since before she even arrived there, but she wanted to see her son so badly she went there anyway. I could see Michaels face suddenly filled with concern, which concerned me. He hung up and mumbled something about checking on his mom, then he left the hotel room. He came back a few minutes later, with tears streaming down his face. I asked him what had happened and he tried to explain. I didn't understand what he said. I only heard something that sounded like "tried to eat me". But I began to understand when I first saw what those freaks did to people. It all made sense.


A/N; first chapter.. hope you like it! I kinda hate to write the first chapter or the prologue of a story, because I find it incredibly hard to start something and decide what to do with the story... 

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