Dear diary

Dear diary

Maybe im the first boy who ever write a diary but what ever, let me start the diary with this:

The first time we met was in the College, the first thing with her i felt in love with was her big blue amazing eyes.

I dont Think she saw me, because of i was new on the School and she was the popular Girl on the College.

What to do!?


1. My diary

Dear diary

I Think im the only boy in the World there have a diary thats wierd what ever.

My name is Justin Bieber, actully Justin Drew Bieber. Im 17 years old but i feel Like im a shy little boy on 10! If you ask why? I'll just answer: thats a long story about a girl and College.

Let me Tell the story now so there isnt any secrets.

Today i started at College!!! I have Waited for this my Whole life, Its so cool! The first thing i saw when i entered the College was this Girl omg she was so amazing, her Big blue eyes and her perfect smile, but i cant talk to her im too shy if i could talk to her i would have done it today but no my friend David did it he is a Girl lover, Maybe thats too Much but what ever.

Maybe i should give her er try tomorow, what if! What if she actully saw me today and was shy too she Didnt Look that Much at David Maybe i have chance!!

Oh one more thing! Actully my real name in College is Caspar because Justin Drew Bieber is a famous star and thats also me, but sometimes i just want a normal life so i have a fake name and thats Caspar.

I have to put you Down in my bag now i can hear my roomie he is done in the shower in about 1 min, i Can Tell you that his name is Ryan, Ryan Butler he is so Nice but i have to go now

See ya :)

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