The Next Time

Dette er en sjov collab som jeg lavede sammen med den fantastiske skriver #Fønix !
Vi blev enige om, at vi ville tilføje en verselinje hver til en sang på skift, indtil vi nåede til vejs ende, og så ville vi se, hvordan det hele blev til, og meget stolte af resultatet er vi skam! Resultatet er dette; sangen The Next Time! ^^

Jeg vil helt klart foreslå, at I smutter over på hendes bruger, og kigger på hendes andre fortællinger, for der er guld at finde! :)


1. The Next Time

The Next Time

Verse 1:
I've picked up a virus, its feeding off of my flesh
And as the end rises, I'm now drawing my last breath
The ashes at my feet is blowing, the clouds are colored red 
To hell's where the world's goin', ahead is only death 

Skulls are cracked and bones are broken
But yet the heart still remains frozen
These memories of when the days were pale and bright
Reminds me of the dreams I had of the next time

The world is ending as darkness breaches in our minds
It's not a question about loving or dying, just survive
We were committed to the worst of all the crimes

So we just wait for the afterlife, we wait for The Next Time

Verse 2:
The soundwaves from around the world throws me to the ground
These screaming waves of pain I feel, how can this be allowed?
All i see is blackness, so are my eyes closed or did i finally drown?
Crack down, just bring on the rain to a deafening sound

I lost everything i ever was somewhere in myself or in the pain
Because of that I can't help but to weep and wail in vain
Now i just remain wondering when the bars around my heart will disappear
And the ability to let the warmth of angels in once again reappear


My soul sleeps in the night with no moon
Emptiness, like an uncolored toon
The frost and the ice is biting in my wounds
I cannot escape the hangman's noose, So I wait for The Next Time


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