Privat Concert Competition

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  • Publiceret: 31 maj 2014
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Melissa is 15 years old she is a big fan One Direction, she got got bullied on her school
beacuse she havent get a private concert or been a concert before,
the call her "Karma" " that mean that even she is a big fan she will
never see going to see them!!
Melissa get sad :( She decided to participate.
Everyone laughed at her because she's not going to see them
no matter what she does
but it may be possible that it will all change
if she won?


1. Lucky or Not?

Hi I am Melissa Red, or call me "Karma" you wunder why my school calling me that, so let me tell you when i am finish. I get bullied in school everythime i trying to win something but i dont win. The laugh and scream and and throwing paper balls at me and i am not enjoing that :(. I am a big fan of One Direction, I love their songs, and my faviortte person from the bande is Zayn Malik :) not more talk about me, so let us hear the story......Enjoy



the school is the worst, i just hate it. I am right now I park my car, and I'm see no students at the school. I looked at my watch and it looked like I was 10 minutes late. I walk to the class, and the teacher was there, i open the door and everybody start to look at me , " Melissa Red, you are to late" said the teacher. "I apologize i...." i said then I fall down on the trash, and all start to  laugh at me  , "Karma is back hahah" i could not see who said that, but i looks like is was Rebbeca Jonas


then the  looked down at me, then i stand up, and walk to my table, i see a paper of a contest to get a private concert with 1D in their house in LA.

I started thinking about it, "attention please, there is a paper for one durektion, one duaktion, Arrh i mean one direction concert, if you want to try to win, write in the paper remember name, I pick them up" said the teacher. I saw everybody start to write down, then i do I to

. The teacher start to  walk around and pick it up, then she came over to me and took the papir, and the start to laugh again "Bitch please why are sign  when you even not going to win?, if i am going to win i invite everybody but except you because I will not be infected by karma" said Rebbeca(The diva, just saying-.-)


The clock ring, "Mrs? when is the contest over?" i said, quiet while the others went out, "Hmm tomorrow after school, in the central park. Your welcome " she said.

1 day after( The competition)

What should i choose, of clothes?, i know that i am not going to win no matter what. But i cant still wear a nice dress . "Breakfast is ready, you need to hurry up" yelled mom from the kitchen. i run downstairs, "you look very beautiful, are sure about to go the over there?, what if you not going to win this time" Mom said worried, "it just mean I have done my best" i said whit a happy smiley,


After 3 hourse(Central park)

Now i am there, and i am exciting, there are so many people. Then i turn around and i see Rebbeca and her crew... they stare at me. I wish that i could believe in myself :(. "All right, all right, lets us start the competition!, ladies and gentlmens, let me present the British band 
One Directiooooon" said the Dj and all of us, including me, we just yelled and scream and ZAYN MALIK WAS THERE OMG "OMG WE LOVE YOU". "Hehe wild fans, okay this is how is going to work, i say 3 names, and the come up here on this stage, and one of them is the winner, so lets get start. " "The 3 person i say is .... Rebbeca Jonas, Milla Hameltan and......Melissa Red, comen up here" said the Dj. Waaait what, i am dreaming WTH he said my name my my namme.. i wave op to the stage. "Ok the winner of the competiton is..................Rebbeca Jones" he said. She start to scream and yelled and walk over to the boys and gave the a big hug. I dont know why i Zayn look said :(. I walk down from the stage and made a fake smiley. "Congrats Rebbeca" said Harry" 

"Zayn come here, we have a situation, is was a fake letter i get," Zayn look surprise "is was Melissa Red she have won the competition" he said. Zayn run the microphone "we need to apologize to cook Jones because she's not the person who won this competition it was Melissa i want you to come up here because you are the person who won this competition" said Zayn. He run down to be and and started and give me a kiss on the cheek and carry me,  kissed him back because it was the best day I've ever had 
any time you can be lucky hehe 
Zayn went up to the stage and started singing kiss you for me 


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