Angel with a shot gun

After Carl Grimes lost everything he fell like his life is worthless. But when Hassel safes him from a walker attack hes thoughts is different.


7. Together

I'm sitting in a Corner in the dark box. 

"How long have you been in here?" Rick asked Glenn.

"2 days" he said.

"We are breaking out tonight" he said.

"But Rick, we only got one gun" he said. 

"Tonight" he still said. It is soon dark. It's now about to survive. A lady at 50's opened the door and delivered the food. Rick took stranglehold on her so she died, the door is open. 

"Stay close, go to the fence" Rick whispered. The fence is free, Me, Sasha and Carl went over first. Then the last. 

"Stop!" Gareth yelled from a long distance. 

"Hurry hurry!"Rick said to the last as is Abraham and Rosita. They are shooting at us. I am hurry graving our weapons up as we graved down, and took the bag on my back, and we hurried us away. We all came over the fence safety. 

"Help us, help!" someone screamed in a box.

"Hassel come on!" Rick yelled from a distance. I took a gun from the bag and dropped it on the ground, and went over the fence.

"What are you doing?" Carl asked panic. 

"Get everybody safe, i'm coming" i said, and went over to the box where peoples are screaming. I hid me behind the box, and opened it quietly. In the box there is a lady, a black man, a girl at my age and a baby.

"Come on" i said and got them over to the fence, and they got over. 

"Raise you're hand" the black man said over the fence. They other are gone, as i told Carl should.

"Thanks for the help" the black man said.

"I'm Tyreese, this is Carol, Beth and Judith" he said.

"Hassel" i said and shared hands.

"Let's go it aint safe here" Tyreese said, like hes already the leader, but i know Rick is. We went out to a way where they others where waiting for us. Someone are crying of happiness. Beth and Maggie are sisters, and Tyreese are Sasha's father, Judith are Ricks daughter, and Carls littlesister. After we made a fire, and sat around it. Of course i sat next to Carl and Michonne. Actually i thought Michonne were Sasha's mom and Tyreese's wife, but she aint. I hug Carl.

"Thank you" he whispered in my ears, and kissed me on my cheek. I heard Rick cry of happiness over to see Judith.
I'm still hugging him, and he wont let me go. 

It is almost light, and i haven't slept the night. Carl is making a fire.

"Here" i said, and removed the blood from his face.

"Where is the Next place we can go?" Michonne asked Rick, and showed us a map, with crossed cities.

"Washington DC?" Rick asked.

"It should be safe" She said.

"Like Atlanta" I said, and reminded them about, nothing is safe anymore.

"Its a chance" Rick said.

"We don't have any cars, and supplies" Carl said.

"We will find it" Rick said to him.

"I saw a car some miles away, I can go check It out" I said.

"Not alone" Carl said.

"You need to rest, you haven't slept all night" Rick said.

"Well go" Tyreese and Michonne said.








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