Angel with a shot gun

After Carl Grimes lost everything he fell like his life is worthless. But when Hassel safes him from a walker attack hes thoughts is different.


6. The watch

"Where the hell did you get this watch?!" Rick yelled at Alex.


"From some death ones, i think they wouldn't need it!" Alex said afraid. I pointed my gun at another man, while Carl is doing the same.

"Let me go and we will forget about what happened here" Alex said.

"The man on the roof is pointing his gun at me, how good is he?" Rick asked.

"GET IT DOWN!" Alex yelled at him, and he took it down.

"Take it esay" Gareth said with his easy voice. Rick took the gun against Alex's head.

"Gareth please" Alex cried.

"shut up" Gareth said.

"I've see you found out whats going on here" he said. Rick shot Alex in the head, and we ran over to the gate as is blocked. We ran into a room, where there are a lot of text with death peoples name on the wall and floor. There is burning lights.

"Come on over here!" Daryl said and opened at door out. The second we came out we got attacked. We standing still and can't do anything.

"Forget about to escape!" Gareth yelled at the roof, and looked down at us.

"Lay down the weapons" Gareth said and we did it.

"Do what i say and go to the box!" Gareth yelled. I look over at a big red box.

"Ringleader go first!" he yelled.

"Go now and the kids wont die" he said, and Rick went into the box.

"Archer go" he yelled and Daryl went into the box.

"Samurai" he yelled at Michonne, as looking very nervous, but went in.

"Go boy!" he said to Carl. Everybody went into the box except me, i look nervous at Carl. 

"Go girl" he said, and i walked fast into the box. I hugged Carl as the first thing i do when i came in. I touched his sweaty hair, when someone came forward in the dark.

"Rick?" an Asian said, and six others came to since.

"Glenn, your here" he said. 

"You're all here" he said, and look evil at a girl with black hair.

"They are our friends, they helped us survive" Maggie said.

"Now the friends is our" Daryl said. 

"Well see how long that will be" a read hair man said. 

"No" Rick said, and we all look strange at him, does he have another stupid idea?

"They will feel pretty stupid when they found out" Rick said and looking out of a crack.

"Find out what?" the red hair man asked.

"They're screwing with the wrong people" he said.I took my other loaded gun up from my pocket, and gave it to Rick. 






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