Angel with a shot gun

After Carl Grimes lost everything he fell like his life is worthless. But when Hassel safes him from a walker attack hes thoughts is different.


8. The traffic

Its been a week since Terminus. We are travleling to Washington. We found a Rv, and a car to travel in. I'm sitting with Beth, and Judith. Suddenley we stopped. 

"Whats going on?" Glenn asked. We looked over the big lake, the bridge is broken. 

"Drive around the lake" Daryl said. 

Luckly it didn't took long time to pass the lake, but a big traffic, with empty cars. The RV stopped, it needs gas. 

"Great" i said and looked out. 

"Alas we can find supplies" Beth said. 

"Glenn can you fix it?" Rick asked.

"I need gas, and tools" he said.

"I'm sure we can find something here in the cars" i said. 

"Be carefull" Rick said. 

"Come" Beth said to me and we went out of the RV, and out to the cars. Beth became a good friend with me. 

"It's scary here" i said.

"Hmmm..." she said and found some guns.

"Hey!" Carl shouted.

"Shhh...we have to be quiet" i said and hugged him.

"Sorry" he whispered. 

"It's okay, you can be our slave" i said, and gave him the stuff we found. 

"Shh" he said.

"What?" i asked, and heard voices from walkers not long away from us.

"Under the cars" he whispered, and we hurried under the cars. 

"What about they others?" i whispered to him. He took my hand, so i calm down. Beth where under anoteher car than us. A big group of walkers past us, but went over to the RV. I started to breath heavy, and i covered my eyes. I heard alot of shoting.


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