Angel with a shot gun

After Carl Grimes lost everything he fell like his life is worthless. But when Hassel safes him from a walker attack hes thoughts is different.


3. The long way to go

When i'm together with Carl i'm feeling like a child. He is giving me some feeling no one never has given me before. We are walking alone the railroad. We are playing a balance game on the railroad. 

"Can you hurry up please?" Rick yelled to us. "Wuah" Carl tried to scare me, but he felled down. "I win" i said. He holed 2 candy bars forward to me. I know he want the brown chocolate bar, so i took it. "No come on" he said. 
"You said, winner choice" i said and took it, and make it into two pieces. 

"Here" i said and gave it to him.

"No its yours, you won it" he said and laced his laces. 

"Come on we share" i said, and he took it.

"Come on we have to find a place to sleep before sundown" Rick said to us. I am really tired in my feet, so Carl carried me, until we found a car where we could sleep. 

"Some one has been here recently" Michonne said, and took some rugs out of the car, there is enough to us. We got made a fire, and eat some food. 

"I never thought i should be so happy for food" i said, and took my last piece.

"Me neither" Carl said and smiled. The sun is about to going down. The sun's rays shines with a ruby red color, it is a wonderful view. 

"Wanna play a card game?" i asked and took some card up of my pocket. 

"Sure" he said, and sat on the ice cold ground, and took a rug around me. We got played 2 times before we went to sleep in the car. There isn't enough place for us both in the back, so we got pretty flattered by laying up and down from each other, but at least we didn't freeze. 

"Are you freezing?" he asked and took his arm around me.

"No, you?" i asked.

"I'm fine" he said, and turned around so i laid into him. Rick and Michonne is outside and talking. 

"Goodnight loverboy" i said, and laid to sleep.

"Goodnight" his sleepy and tired voice said.














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