Angel with a shot gun

After Carl Grimes lost everything he fell like his life is worthless. But when Hassel safes him from a walker attack hes thoughts is different.


5. Terminus

It is morning, i'm still in chock over what happened in night, did Rick really bite Joe? 

"How did you end up with them?" Rick asked Daryl outside.

"Beth left me. Then they found me on the road. I may knew they were bad, but they had a code" Daryl said. I laid my head at Carl's lap, while he stroked me on the arm. He is probably more in chock than i am.

"But when i saw it was you and they others, i saw what kind of human Joe was. I overheard Daryl and Ricks conversations. 

"I was a coward" Rick said.

"You tried to protect your son, and they others" Daryl said.

"You should be proud of Carl, that way he is" Daryl said.

"Oh i am, a lot. But i don't think he now" Rick said.

After we went out of the tent, Carl and i went out for a walk, hands in hands. 

"You should have this" Carl said and gave me a gun.

"Where did you get it?" i asked and hugged him.

"The guys who tried to kill us" he said, and let go.

"Are you okay?" i asked, and sat on a rock. He is quiet.

"Carl, tell me" i said, and sat at squatting. He looks so sad, and so cold at same time.

"I'm not who you think i am" he said. 

"What do you mean?" i asked. 

"I'm going to be a monster" he said. 

"That's not true" i said and took his hand, and sat on the rock.

"I killed my own mom, isn't that a monster?" he asked. I never thought Carl had killed his mother.

"That doesn't matter, she was a biter right?" i asked. 

"No she wasn't turned" he said. I am actually a little bit scared of him, but he must have his reason. 

"You know what?" i asked and got eye contact with him.

"I killed my best friend, and my sister" i said. 


After we walked we went over to Rick, Daryl and Michonne, we are not long away from Terminus, only 5 miles, we will be there before sundown. 

"We are shooting another way into the wood" he said. 

"Why?" Daryl asked.

"We wanna see them before they, are seeing us" Rick said, and we went into the wood. We came to a fence into Terminus, Rick is graving a hole, to the guns. 

"Lets get in" he said, and we crawled over the fence. 


I am surprised over the place. I thought it will be a big town or something like that. We went into a big room where there is peoples. 

"Those who arrives survives" a lady said in a microphone, when they all turned around against us.

"Hello my name is Gareth" a man said. The man is thin built, with brown hair and stubble. 

"It's look like you have been on a long trip" he said, and walked over to us.

"We have" Rick answered. 

 "Are you here to stay?" Gareth asked.

"We are here to stay" Rick said.

"Examine them Alex" Gareth said. Alex is a normal high and thin man. He has brown curled hair and brown eyes and has stubble. He checked us for our weapons, we gave him those we had in our hand.

"Here" he said and gave our weapons back?

"We understand" he said. We went with him out to the yard. I saw a little room with bones, and it looks like human bones?! ignored it because i can not be sure if it is human or animals. A lady gave us some food. It smells weird, definitely not animal meat. I beat the meat out of the hands of Carl because he isn't a cannibal. He looks at me like i am weird, when somethings happens. 


















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