Angel with a shot gun

After Carl Grimes lost everything he fell like his life is worthless. But when Hassel safes him from a walker attack hes thoughts is different.


4. Sweetiepie

"Good morning" Carl said to me. 

"Oh is it already morning?, i slept so good" i said and closed my eyes.

"Come on, we are going to leave now" he said and opened the car door.


We have been walking for two hours.

It is getting cold and i only wearing a thin jacket. 

"We are walking in 5 hours more, then we are stopping for today" Rick said, and turn around I ques i look like a frozen penguin from Antarctica. After the 5 hours we went to a tent as is at a road. 

"Someone must left it, here is still food" i said and took a unopened canned soup. I cooked the soup over a fire, and shared it. I almost forgot about my gun as i have in my backpack. It is getting dark, i'm in the tent and trying to sleeping. I'm looking out of the tent opening, and saw Carl, Rick and Michonne were talking. 

"Well well well, what do we have hear?" i heard a random man outisde, and pointed a gun against Ricks head, and then 3 other guys came forward. "Well that wasn't so good you ran into us" he said to Rick. The man is a man last in 50's. He has grey hair and beard, more i couldn't see. A creepy man stuck his head into the tent were i am, and took me out. His giggle made me creepy, and scared. 

"Let em all go, he tried to kill me!" Rick said,i don't know what he is talking about.

"It doesn't matter" The man said. I looked deep into Carl's eyes, and could see he was afraid.

"Daryl come here" he yelled at a person as came to since.Rick got a whole other face expressions, it must be one of the persons in Ricks group as Carl told me about. Daryl got another face expressions to.

"Let em' go, these are good peoples" he said. 

"See now i think Lou would disagree with you on that, I of course have to speak for him at all, cause your friend here, strangled him in the bathroom" the man said, and pointed at Rick, now i now what was happened.

"I'm disable on you Daryl, i thought you liked Lou" the man said. Two muscles guys came and beat Daryl. 

"Listen it was just me" Rick cried.

"Who cares" the man said as held me.

"Dan,See now that's right. It's not some damn lie. Look we can settle this, we're reasonable men. First we're gonna beat Daryl to death, then the young girl here, then the woman, the boy and then we will shoot you in the head, and then we will be square" he said and laugh I looked over at Daryl as wast getting beat by the two guys, then i heard a shoot. I want look but i turned around. It seems like the man shoot him self in the hand, and Rick turned around and hit him in the head, so he felled on the ground. In the second i tried to take the knife on the ground. But Dan smashed my head on the ground, and let me be on the ground. The man took Rick, like he wanna hug him. 

"Come on give Joe a big hug" Joe laugh.

"What will you gonna do about it?" Dan asked Rick. Unexpected Rick BITES Joe in his neck and blood splattered out. I saw Joe felled on the ground, Rick has blood in all his face. Then Carl shoot the rest of the claimers, except him who held me. 

"I...I'll kill her!" Dan said and took a knife to my neck.

"Let the girl go!" Rick said and walked over to us, with his evil look in his eyes. 

" please!" Dan yelled, and let me go, so i felled on the ground. Rick stuck a knife into Dan.Carl came over to me and held his arms around me, while Rick is sticks the knife in Dan's heart. I opened my eyes and saw what Rick is kind of a people.























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