Angel with a shot gun

After Carl Grimes lost everything he fell like his life is worthless. But when Hassel safes him from a walker attack hes thoughts is different.


2. Be safe

I knocked down the last biter with my last shoot. He looked at me with big blue eyes. I look down at his gun.

"Couldn't you use it?" i asked him. 

"I could but there is no shots in it" he said and took it, and put it in his belt. 

"I'm Carl" he said.

"Hassel" i said and shook hands.

"Are you alone?" he asked.

"Maybe, i'm planning go to Terminus" i said. 

"Were to, do you want to go with us?" he asked.

"Wow hold on. We haven't known each other in like 5 minutes, and you already asking me to go with you?" i asked. 

"Well.." he said.

"Who are you with?" i asked.

"My dad and a friend" he said.

"I like to" i said, and felt a warm feeling inside me. I haven't met a human for 10 months now, since i left a group in Atlanta city.

"But before we get there, you should give me your gun" he said and stopped up. 

"Why?" i asked and gave him an empty gun.

"My dad don't like meet new peoples" he said and took it. 

"Can you stay here until i have talked to him?" he asked, and i nodded. There went 10 minutes to Carl came out again, with a smile on his face. 


After some hours i have talked a lot with Carl. He has been through much, more than i have. He has lost his sister and his mom, almost his dad. I have lost my whole family to. But we  have to be strong together, that's the only way to live in this brutal world.  

"We are running out of food,can you go out finding something?" Rick asked Carl and i with his hissing voice. 

"Sure" Carl said, and we went to some houses in the neighborhood. 

"No biters here" i said, and went down from the stairs. 

"Biters are you really calling them that?" he asked. 

"What are you calling them?" i asked and put my backpack on the kitchen table. 

"Walkers" he said, and filled the backpack with food and supplies, we will need for the trip. 

"Do we need the knifes?" i asked and took a kitchen knife. 

"Do we have enough for the trip?" i asked.

"I think" he said, and opened the door and we went out. I secretly took a gun, as i will keep in safety. 


"We are going tomorrow, there are some miles"  Rick said to us.

"How long?" i asked. 
"20 miles" he said. 

"We should get some sleep" Michonne said with her mysterious and scaring voice. 

"Hassel, Carl take the bedroom, i'm taking the couch with Michonne" Rick said. 

It is nice to share bed with Carl. He is nice and funny, and says some funny stuff and things. 





































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