Colorblind *Oneshot*

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  • Publiceret: 13 apr. 2014
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Once upon a time, a girl with very special eyes, was born into the world. This is her story, her battles and her tragedy. True colors does not mean true happiness.


2. Oneshot

Once upon a time, a little girl was born into the world. She had five fingers on each hand, and five toes on each foot. She had two beautiful blue eyes, a nose and a mouth. To be totally honest, she looked like a pretty normal and healthy child, but what the midwife, who helped during the birth, didn't know, was that this child had very special eyes. She was not able to see the red in the leaves, which dropped to the ground in the autumn. Nor could she see the blue in the sky, or even the green in the grass, she played on. In fact, she was unable to see any form of color in the world, so everything, and every person she gazed upon, looked very dull and very gray in her eyes. One day, when she heard another child talk about these wonderful colors, which she had not even known about until then, she asked her parents about these so called colors, and they became worried. Could it be, that there was something wrong with their beloved daughter? So they decided to take the little girl to a doctor. One, who had specialized himself in the human eye.


After performing numerous tests concerning her vision, he came to a conclusion. With no doubt, the girl suffered from a special kind of color blindness, which made her vision like that of a dog's. To put it simply, she lacked the ability to see colors. This proved only one thing. Science could only prove, what was already known, and do little about it. Her mother then cried out in frustration, and her father, who couldn't understand this bizarre, invisible disorder, became utterly confused. How could his daughter suffer from something that wasn't real? It couldn't be real, since he had never come across this phenomenon before. Both of her parents blamed  the little girl and them self. This was surely something so horrid, they thought, how sad mustn't it be for their daughter? But the truth was, that she was fine. She couldn't grasp why everyone made such a fuss. Not immediately anyway. Then, as soon as she was old enough to go to school, trouble rose from its lurking shadows. Her classmates were puzzled of her lack of interest in the wonderful colors that surrounded them. Why didn't she talk excitingly about how beautiful the red rose was or how the yellowness of the sunflower almost hurt the eyes? So they began bullying her. She was different from them. What kind of person was not able to see colors?  It was weird.


But they were wrong, really. Everyone, even that doctor, were wrong. One day she looked at her own reflection in the mirror and discovered that her entire body was bathed in colors. They were wonderful and sparkling, and they made her eyes bluer, and her cheeks redder. She was shining, and it became so overwhelming for the girl, that she began to cry. Bluish big drops of salty tears rolled down her cheeks. And then she knew. She was special. She had the ability to see the colors in people. Colorpeople. They were not like the ordinary kind, those she had nothing whatsoever in common with. Instead Colorpeople were like her. They were different and carried the colors with them, wherever they went. From then on, she began to notice them. They appeared all of a sudden, surrounded by the gray, and they spread colors to the surroundings they passed. It left a warm feeling in the girls heart, but also a longing. A longing to join them, as she was just like them. These people would surely welcome her without hesitation.


Then, one day, when she had grown into a woman, she met a boy, whose colors were stronger, more beautiful than anyone else's and she fell deeply in love. "I might be surrounded by gray," she thought, "but it would not matter, as long as I could be with him". That boy took her hand, and together they were brighter and more colorful than ever. Even the grayness of their fellow people seemed only to make them more beautiful. She was happy. More than that she felt like she finally belonged. She wished for that time to never end, and she felt how she herself grew bigger and bloomed, more colorful than ever. This was it. This was what she had waited for this entire time, all of these years. She could do nothing but sigh in happiness, with a smile of sweetness on her lips.


But then, as sudden as he had appeared, the boy let go of her hand and disappeared into the grayness, that had been her world for far too long. He still carried the most beautiful colors on him, but as he left her, standing by herself, she felt how he own colors faded away. As happy as she had felt when she realized her own colors, as unhappy she felt, when she lost them. She became as gray as the people that had always tried to smother her colors. Though she still had the ability to see the Colorpeople, she was no longer visible herself. This time around, they were not able to see her.


As time went by, she got more and more intertwined with the grayness in the world, and she started to grow into the dark shadows, that once gave away to her colorful light. She saw them, the Colorpeople, and all she could do was give into the deep longing that tore her apart from inside. She knew that once she belonged with them, and the fact that she no longer did, broke her spirit and killed her soul. She could do nothing but  cry out in hopelessness. Her longing was all that was left of her now. She was just as pitiful as the gray matter, she now were made of. 

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