Now You See Me

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Emily's world changed, by one word! A word Emily never wanted to hear again. But when she funded out that the only way she'll pass or even graduate! She'll have to face her fear and do this one word again! Dance! Emily Clarke. A girl full of sarcasm. She's no where near a good girl, she gets detentions, get into trouble, and will use any excuse in the book to get out class or not going to school! Her best friends Ariana and Damon! Damon, is her partner in crime! They have been best friends since they were 4! Ariana moved to Brooklynhigh in elementary school. They have been best friends since! Nothing can come between them! Or so they thought. Zach Bradshaw, BrooklynHigh's badboy. He's popular, and a player. Him and his best friend Kyle Anderson, are BrooklynHigh's top 2! Oh and did I mention that he's Emily's enemy?


1. Now You See Me

Emily's P.O.V

I groaned as I turned of my alarm clock. I turned around in my bed, and put my head under my pillow! After feeling sorry for my self, I got up and walked to the bathroom, I looked at my reflection and I looked like a zombie! I washed my face and got dressed in some tight dark washed jeans and a tank top and my leather jacket. My dark blonde hair, was loose and straight.

"Emily! Get up!" my mom shouted from the stairs "I am up!" I shouted back I guess she was surprised that I actually was done! I took my phone and walked down to the kitchen, "Good Morning" I said as I entered the room. "Good morning Honey" my mom said and smiled I grabbed my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and an apple, kissed my moms cheek, and left. 

I got in my car, and drove to the way to familiar building. My school or as I call it, the hell hole that I'm in! I parked my car walked towards the front entry, "Good morning sunshine!" Said Ariana in a cheerful voice. "Why are you so happy?" I asked slowly "well good morning to you too" She said I rolled my eyes "morning! now why so happy?" I asked again "I'm always happy!" She answered. "Yeah, but not that happy!" I said and looked at her! She just looked at me and smiled.

We stopped at our lockers which were right next to each other! We grabbed our books, I hugged her goodbye and walked to my class. I took my seat in the back. The teacher was telling us something about... Well I don't really know. The door swung open "Mr. Bradshaw, Mr.Anderson nice of you too join us" Mrs. Hamilton said. They both smirked and sat down at their seats right in front of me! Damn I hate them!

"Miss Clarke and Mr.Bradshaw! My office now!" The speakers boomed in the room as the principal spoke! The whole class stared at us. I got up knocking the chair over, grabbed my stuff, and walked to the door, slamming it shot, I heard Bradshaw curse, I guess I hit him.. Oops.. I sat down outside the principals office, and waited. Bradshaw took a seat next to me. ''Miss Clarke, Mr. Bradshaw, come in please'' Mr. Deeks said. I slowly stood up and walked towards Mr. Deeks, ''take a seat'' He said and pointed to the chairs. 

Yeah like I haven't been here before. I thought as I sat down. Bradshaw sat down, looking like he couldn't care less! Where I was more nervous! I've been to the principals office before, but this time i'm actually innocent.. ''So do you know why you are here?'' He asked us, we remained quite and shook our heads. ''Well, Miss Clarke, your grades are dropping, if you wanna grateuade your grades have to get better'' Mr. Deeks told me. I stared at him with wide eyes and open mouth. 

I could hear Bradshaw annoying chuckle from beside me! I choose to ignore him. ''Excuse me?? Yeah I get into trouble but I get good grades! I'm an A student in most of my classes'' I quickly defended myself. ''Yes, but in Biology, your grades to be honest, they suck'' He shot back. Gee thanks. And this time Bradshaw couldn't hold it any longer. He burst out laughing! ''Mr. Bradshaw! not so fast, your grades suck just as much, if not more'' Mr. Deeks told. That shut him up.. I couldn't help but let out a little laugh. 

''in both Biology and Spanish you get F''  Mr. Deeks explained. The look on his face was priceless! ''What?'' Was the lame come back he could come up with. ''Yes, and since we want the both of you to graduate we found a solution! you will both take dance classes, and pass it! Or no graduation for the both of you!'' Mr. Deeks looked at us. ''What! No, there must be another class than that!'' I exclaimed loudly ''Miss. Clarke! i'm sorry, but this is not to discussion! Your dismissed'' I stood up giving him a hard glare and left out the door. I could still hear him talking to Bradshaw. 

Dance?! You've got tot be kidding me! I can't believe it! I looked at the clock. Shit! i'm late! I promised Damon that I would meet him at the field. I ran to the benches. and looked for him. The team, was running laps! I sat down, waiting for him. Coach blew the whistle and the team ran to him. I zoned out for the rest of the time. ''Hey there day dreamer'' A teasing voice came from behind me, i turned my head to see Damon standing there shirtless, and with an annoying smile in his face. 

Yes, you've read right. Shirtless. I know you think, a hot guy, shirtless, and a six pack how can you not stare? Well that's simple. He's my best friend. My bro, My partner in crime. Yeah i mean he's hot, but I don't think of him that way! ''What's wrong babe?'' He asked taking a seat in front of me I shoot him a confused look, ''What do you mean'' I answered a little to quickly. I stood up and started waking away, I felt his hand on my wrist and he turned me around so that i was facing him, when i tried to pull away, he pulled me into his chest! I could fell his abs! ''What?'' I asked in barley a whisper, ''You didn't come with you usual sarcastic comments, so I know that something's wrong!'' He explained softly

''You mean you didn't hear?'' I asked, when he didn't answer I continued, ''I got called to the principals office, and he told me that the only way I was going to graduate is if I take dance classes!'' I told him. He stared at me and before he could say anything i added ''With Bradshaw'' ''WHAT!!?'' He exclaimed I gave him a one shoulder shrug, ''Well you said no right?'' ''I tried'' I told him ''Baby girl! -'' I shook my head, not wanting anything but his hug. He opened his arms, and I stepped into him, hugging is waist, his arms wrapped around me one hand in my hair, another on my waist! 

''come on, lets go home'' He said and swung his arm over my shoulders. We walked to the car, and he stopped me and held out his hand, I stared at him a funny look ''Car keys! I'm driving!'' I rolled my eyes, and gave him the keys. This is going to be a long ride home! 


A/N First Chapter done! I hope you like it!  I promise I will write more soon! Please give it a vote and a comment telling me what you think! And Thanks for reading xxx!


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