Notice me - Harry Styles

Rosalie Hill is the name of a Young women aged 19.
Her Father was never there, he worked all day and when he was home he beated her. Her mother did`nt even care.
She had no friends because her father would`nt let her be with the other children. She was just about to Quit life, when she discorvered The Middelton Academy.
The Middelton Academy was a place for People who have anything to with show business, but only for amatures.
It is a School filled with dansers, singers, bands and much more.
Rosalies father saw the opportunity the get rid of her, so he let her go.
But Rosalie kind of lived in her own world.
She was smoking and the only people she was talking to was the teachers.
But shortly after Rosalie started at the school they made an announcement.
The famous band One Direction was going to stay at the school to help and teach the amature singers. Harry admirered Rosalie. But will her trust isues let her fall for him too? Or will somone else come between them? OBS: den er dansk!


1. Prolog


"Broken lines across my mirror

Show my face, all red and bruised

And though i screamed and screamed 

No one came running"


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