Imagins {1D}

Som overskriften siger er det en masse imagins med One Direction <3
Der kommer både nogle på Engelsk og Dansk <3
Håber i vil læse med <3 <3


35. Niall <3

You and your parents where going to Austria. You looked forward to it, but it was going to be 2 weeks with your parents, and no one else. You couldn't get a friend with you this time, so you wasn't that excited over it. You had some problems meeting new people, you was really shy sometimes. You were leaving tomorrow, and you just finished packing.
It was early morning, and your dad had just started the car. You had taken your headphones in your ears, and Liams' voice in the beginning of Taken was drifting you to sleep again.
'Kaylie, wake up' Your mom called from the front seat. You slowly opened your eyes, and the sun was shining trough the windows, hurting your eyes as you closed them again.


5 minutes later, the car stopped at the hotel.
'I'm going down to the pool!' You yelled to your parents, as you just finished packing your stuff out on your bed. The weather was really good, so you decided to go down to the pool and cool down a bit. When you arrived, there was only 1 person. It was a boy, he looked pretty hot from distance.
He was swimming, when you arrived to the pool area. He looked up at you, and your eyes met. His mouth dropped a bit as you smiled for yourself. He was extremely attractive, you couldn't believe it! You went over to the chairs, and sat down, taking your phone out. You went on Kik, and texted your friend; 'Hot boy at the pool. Not as bad as i imagined!'
At the time you had pressed send, a dark shadow came up behind you.
'Hot boy at the pool?' He laughed, sitting down on the chair next to you.
'You can write to her that my name is Niall' He smiled, as you blushed, you didn't knew what to say.
'I'm Kaylie' You said, and looked at him again. He smiled to you, he was so cute, you couldn't believe it!
'So, you just arrived here?' He asked, as he laid down on the chair to get some sun.
'Yeah, just finished packing out. What about you?' You asked him, as you closed your eyes, looking up to the sun.
'I'm staying here for 2 more weeks. When are you going home?' He asked you, you felt him looking at you again.
'In 2 weeks too' You turned your head, catching him looking at you.
'Are you alone here, or?' He asked you as he sat up halfway, looking down at you.
'Yeah, i'm with my parents, and you?' You asked him, as you looked over at him.
'I'm here with my parents too, and my brother' He smiled, you kept looking at each other, chatting for about half an hour.


A week had past, and you felt like you've known him for a lifetime. He was really sweet, and very funny. You had spend every hour of the day together, and tonight, you were gonna sleep together by the pool. It knocked on the door to your room, and in came Niall with a big bag under his arm. Got everything i need in here, are you ready too, princess?' He had started to call you that yesterday, and you loved it. You'd fallen in love with him on a week. He was so sweet, and really hot. He was down to earth, not like any other boy.
'I'm ready too, my prince' You joked, as you took your bag under your arm, and you headed down to the pool. There wasn't any people, and it was about 11 pm. The sky was dark, but there was a lot of stars. You laid down on the little bed Niall had bought with him, it was quite small, but it didn't matter. Niall had his arm around you, and your head rested on his chest. You laid there for about 10 minutes without saying anything, but it wasn't an awkward silence, it was a nice silence.
'Kaylie, this holiday may have been the best holiday in my life' He started.
'Mine too, Nialler' You said, smiling.
'You know, this may sound weird, but i.. i think i love you' He said, and you felt the butterflies starting to fly in your stomach.
'I know you probably don't feel like the same, but i-' Niall said, but you cut him off.
'I do' You said, as you took your head up from his chest, looking at him. You could see a smile form on his beautiful lips.
'You are the most amazing girl i've ever met' He whispered to you, as he took his hand behind your neck, and took his head a bit closer to yours.
'You are so beautiful' He whispered, just before his lips pressed against yours, in a passionate, yet sweet and romantic kiss. After a couple of minutes, he pulled back, looking into your eyes.
'I've wanted to do that since the first time i laid my eyes on you at the pool..' He admitted, as you both laid down again, your foreheads touched.
'I like you Niall. I really really like you' You smiled, and so did he.
'Do you think we could take this to the next level when we come home?' He asked you, his smile dissapeared into a nervous look.
'I do' You smiled, and so did he once again.
'I didn't before, but now i surely believe in love at first sight' He whispered, before leaning in to another kiss.






jeg havde lige en ide.. Er det for langt eller hvad??

HUSK! skriv hvis i vil have et imagin og om det skal være engelsk eller dansk

xx Freya

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