Imagins {1D}

Som overskriften siger er det en masse imagins med One Direction <3
Der kommer både nogle på Engelsk og Dansk <3
Håber i vil læse med <3 <3


34. Louis <3

~~“Just go to sleep Joanne” Louis says stroking your arm gently. You nuzzle your head into his chest as he gazes out the window on the tour bus. You close your eyes and rest for a bit. He holds you close and continues on with his conversation with Harry and Liam who are sat across from him. The sound of his voice soothes you and you soon fall into a light sleep. You wake up a bit later to and notice that Louis has also closed his eyes for a rest. You adjust yourself and fall back into his arms making sure to kiss his cheek as you fall back down. “awe how cute!” you hear one of the boys snicker. You ignore the comment but the sound of a camera follows and your jolt up. “Oh no she caught me!” Harry laughs.

You break away from Louis’s arms and reach for Harry’s camera. Louis, still drowsy, sits up puzzled. “You did not take a picture!” you shout as Harry holds his phone out of your reach. Louis sits back and laughs at the sight of his girlfriend and best friend bickering. Harry triumphantly smiles and you give up.You grab your phone and look at twitter where Harry had already put up the picture. “It’s actually kind of cute.” You admit showing it to Louis. “I know…do you really think I’d ever take a bad picture of you?” Harry asks sarcastically. You roll your eyes and resume to your boyfriend. “Watch it Harry, Karma’s a bitch!” you snicker causing Louis to laugh and kiss your cheek lightly.

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