Imagins {1D}

Som overskriften siger er det en masse imagins med One Direction <3
Der kommer både nogle på Engelsk og Dansk <3
Håber i vil læse med <3 <3


33. Liam <3

Today you were going on a date with one of the hottest people to live, the one and only Liam Payne fro One Direction. When he asked you, you stuttered at first because come on who wouldn't. You went to the mall to get an outfit for your first date. You got a floral dress and a pair of pumps to go with it. At eight o clock he showed up at your door with a rose in his hand. You laughed at his cheesiness.

You intertwined your fingers with his as you wall into the biggest restaurant you had ever seen. You gasped as you walked in. You were seated at the window seats. Lisa ordered a bottle of their finest wine just for you. After you had eaten and gotten to know each other, you left but the date wasn't over yet. Liam too you for a walk along the beach. You stopped along a hill and rested for a while. You joked around for a while until Liam tripped over and fell on top of you. You looked into his eyes and he leaned in amd kiss you passionatly

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