Imagins {1D}

Som overskriften siger er det en masse imagins med One Direction <3
Der kommer både nogle på Engelsk og Dansk <3
Håber i vil læse med <3 <3


32. Alle sammen <3

You cry because..


You got scared. The boys decided to prank you when the power went out. They were having an sleepover a the place where you and Niall lived and they asked you to bring out pillows and blankets. You know well how scared you are of the dark but decided not to show it. Once you have everything, you walk out of the room when suddenly 5 figures with red and white faces came out of nowhere, scaring the hell out of you. You screamed bloody murder and dropped everything, running back to yours and Niall’s bedroom. You hide under the covers, crying loudly. The boys were laughing until Niall heard your whimpers. He followed you to your shared room, finding you curled up in a ball under the sheets. "Princess? I’m so sorry. I didn't think you'd be this scared.." He said, hugging you from behind and kissing you everywhere until you calmed down.


You’re overwhelmed. Your boyfriend for 3 years, Harry had taken you out on a very fantastic and beautiful date. What you didn’t expect is at the end, he proposed to you under the bright sky lighted by fireworks. You happily said yes, crying as you engulfed him in a very loving hug.


You got degraded. You came home from a terrible day at college. Somehow, you failed at your History test and your professor had degraded you, pointing out your every flaw of his subject. You excused yourself and ran out of the room, carrying your things with you as you made your way out of school, not caring if you cut classes. "Love, what’s wrong?" Louis just came home from the studio, looking tired like you. "School? It is, isn’t it?" He said, pulling you for a tight hug as you cry everything out.


You got hurt. You were currently preparing dinner when you accidentally cut yourself. You drop the knife as blood starts to ooze out of the rather big cut on your finger. Pain overwhelmed you and started crying. "Darling? What happened?" He said, seeing you clutching your bloody finger close to your chest. "I accidentally cut myself." You replied. He kissed your forehead and helped you rinse the blood off and put bandage on it. "Alright, now hush! I don’t like seeing you crying!" He smiled, pressing his lips to your salty and wet cheeks.


You read some hateful tweets about you and Liam's relationship. Some fans hadn't taken well to the news that you and Liam were getting back together after you broke up with him. They all think that the rumour that you cheated on him is true, even though it wasn't. The two of you broke up because he had to go on tour and you didn't want him to feel like he had to have an obligation to you. But when he got back, you couldn't deny the feelings anymore and got back together. Now you were sitting in his arms and crying on his shoulder as he whispered how much he loves you and how sorry he is in your ear.


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