One Direction Preferences

Hejsa allesammen. Denne movellas vil være med one direction preferences. De fleste vil dog være på engelsk. Tager gerne imod både ris og ros. Der vil være mulighed for at ønske en bestemt kategori. Håber at i vil nyde dem<3


1. You Walk In While He's In The Shower

You Walk In While He's In The Shower.



You and Louis had just gotten into a food fight in the kitchen, while trying to make pancakes. Louis told you to go take a shower, while he cleaned up the kitchen. You took your shower and got out wrapping yourself in a towel, just as Louis kicked you out so he could take his. As you were getting dressed you realised you had left your bra in the bathroom, you quietly tried to sneak into the bathroom, trying not let him hear you. Just as you were about to leave, Louis poked his head out of the curtain "Y/N I know you want my body, but I'm in the middle of shampooing. You just have to wait" he said smirking.

You had woken up late, and now you were going to be late, for your first day at your new job. You scrambled out of bed, getting dressed and quickly kissed Liam, before rushing out of the door slipping your jacket on. Liam decided to take a shower. Halfway out in the driveway you realised, that you left your phone in the bathroom, while brushing your teeth. You raced back into the house, running into the bathroom.  You tried to be quiet and not disturb Liam. Liam noticed though and you froze in your place. "hello who's there. I have a gun" he said scared. "Liam it's just me Y/N. I forgot my phone".  Liam poked his head out and saw you standing there.
"oh, thank god. I thought it was a robber". You ran up to kiss his wet lips before walking out of the bathroom. "wait Liam why would you have a gun in the shower?"
 you asked curious. Embarrassed, Liam just closed the curtain and pretended like weren't there. 

You had woken up in the morning to find Harry no longer beside you. You got up looking for him, opening all the doors to all the different rooms. You stopped at the bathroom when you head him. You opened the door to hear him sing "Lego House" by Ed Sheeran. You thought he didn't hear you, so you tried to sneak out again. You was almost out the door, when you felt two wet arms around your waist. "Were you trying to sneak a peak at me?" he asked, kissing you on the top of your head. "well I  guess you are going to have to come in the shower with me as punishment" he said pulling you into the shower with him. 

You had just gotten home from a run, and were in desperate need of a shower. You walked into the flat that you and Niall shared and you couldn't find him anywhere. You stilled had your iPod blasting, so you couldn't hear that he was in the shower. You walked into the bathroom and started to strip. You thought you heard a whistle, so you unplugged your ear buds to see, Niall staring at your half naked body. You tried to covering yourself up, but Niall had already seen you, " Y/N if you wanted to join, you should have just said so" he said with his cute irish accent.

Zayn had gotten up to take a shower and you went to go and watch som TV. After a couples of minutes you heard a loud thud come from the, so you walked to the bathroom to see if Zayn was okay. When you walked in, you saw that Zayn was tied up, in the shower curtain that fell of. You helped him up and untie him, passing him a towel so he could cover up. You asked him up what happened and he blushed, embarrassed not wanting to tell you. "Zayn, tell me" you said. "I was just  trying out some new dance moves" he mumbled before leaving to get dressed. You couldn't stop laughing until he started until he started tickling you, making you stop.

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