Digte samling

Her er min digte samling med de digte jeg har skrevet igennem 7 klasse xD


10. The dead site

Its the same old song.. the same old game..

I'm hearing them scream my name, but i only turn away

its the same old pain.. the same shit again

Only just a new person who stabs my back. i see the tears, the fire, the flames

 as i turn away...

If only they could see,

If only they would understand,

But they don't care,

They won't see,

There is only me,

Not the pain, nor the tears

I feel dead and broken,

Everything fades away


Then i hear this,

This well-known voice,

I open my eyes,

And see those missed eyes,

They make me feel safe,

Makes me want to fight,

And stay alive,

Just one more night

This broken heart will survive.

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