Poesi og andre dimser

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  • Publiceret: 23 jan. 2014
  • Opdateret: 2 sep. 2016
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Forvent dig ikke for meget, de er meget personlige og måske svære at forstå, men jeg håber stadig, at du vil efterlade en kommentar :) Sorry for elendigt cover, btw, men er egentlig lidt ligeglad ;)


8. Changed


She was laying in her bed

curled up against the wall

awake though not just yet

she didn't want to surface

the dream was way the best

'cause in there she wasn't alone

he was her nest


The wish was so strong

she believed what she felt

his arms around her

protecting her against a reality

she could not change

and as she walked to school

she could hear him in her mind

calling her up

making her feel alive


She talked to him every day

he helped her through life

the ever-ongoing train

she felt took her everywhere

but she could only watch her history die

and surely she had friends

family and people who wanted her the best

but to selfish her that didn't always matter

and sometimes she forgot


She stayed in bed all day

so that she could hear his voice

and even though it was all pretend

she did it more than once

she saw his beauty so clear

and every inch of his person

was to her so dear

as his voice in her gained strength

she knew she couldn't stop it

and his person and his music

was now a part of her


School was soon forgotten

a past she should still live

but he and she still got along

better than anything before

with him in her mind she was living

smiling and laughing

and she was as she had always been

still she had changed

he saved her and he killed her

and she would never be the same


She is laying in her bed

curled up against the wall

awake though not just yet

she don't want to surface

the dream is way the best

'cause in there she isn't alone

he is her nest

but she opens her eyes that very night

and talks to him in her head

pretends that he is next to her

his arm surrounding their world

holding on to her as she can't herself

she closes her eyes and daze away

because maybe he actually did hold her that tight”




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