My best friend

Denice er 16 år, bruger hele sin dag i stalden. Men den irriterende diva Christina er en kæmpe konkurrent i stalden. Heldigvis har hun sin bedste veninde Rikke. Overtager drenge hendes liv? Overtager han hendes liv? Og glemmer hun alt om sin helt igennem vidunderlige pony Hotline? Kan hun klare skolen? Og nå alle lektierne?


1. Dear Master

Feed me, give me water and care for me.

and when the days work is done, give me shelter, a clean bed, and a wide stall.

Talk to me.

your voice often substitutes for the reins for me.

Be good to me, and i will serve you cheerfully, and love you.

Don't jerk the reins and don't raise the whip

don't beat or kick me

when i don't understand you, but rather give me time

to understand YOU

Don't consider it dicoedience, if i don't follow your commands

perhaps there is a problem with my saddle and bride or hooves

check my teeth if I don't eat, maybe i have a toothache

You know that hurts

Don't halter me too short, and don't dock my tail

it's my only weapon against flies and mosquitoes

And at the end


Dear Master

when i am no longer any use to you, don't let me go hungry

or freeze, and don't sell me.

Don't give me a Master who slowly tortures me to death

and lets me starve, but rather be merciful

and take care of me, by letting me run

and enjoy a warm pasture.

let me request this of you, and please don't regard it

as disrespectful

If i ask it in the name of Him who was born in a stable like me







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