Daughter of the maneger (M.A.D, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato fanfic)

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8. Y/n's pow

Y/n P.O.W

I walk downstairs to the kitchen and take some food. I sit down and eat it. I clean my plate and fork and go out in the hall. I take my shoes on and my leather jacket. I take my skateboard and walk out the door "see ya. I'll be home tonight". I close the door after me and skate down the driveway. I skate in to town. It only takes 4 minutes to be in the city. I skate over to the skatepark in the middle of London. There is a little group of skaters. I just start to skate around, when someone skate over to me "hey girl. Can't you remember who I am?? " he said. I look at him "no sorry" I said. He smile "it's me Jason McCann from middle school in the US." I smile "oh my God. I'm so sorry I couldn't see it was you." I hug him, he hugs back. " What are you doing in London?" I ask. "I've got a job over here. I'm also living over here alone with the boys that stand over there " he point at the other skaters. "What are you up to today?" He asks. I smile "my dad has a meeting and the others are at home. I have nothing to do at home, that's why I'm here. I'm just skating around. Why?" He smile at my long answer "do you wanna come with me to my place?" I smile "yeah sure". He smile and take my hand. We skate over to the others. We all skate over to them. They live only two streets away the skatepark. We skate up to their front door. I lift up my skateboard and walk behind the others inside the house. "Let me take your jacket and your skateboard" Jason says. I smile and give it to him. I take off my shoes. Jason and I walk up to his room. We sit down on his bed. He smiles to me. "I have something to tell you..." He started off. "Yes?" I ask. "Well.... Since we was in middle school have I been in love with you. You was the smart girl that every boy fell in love with. You was the girl every other girl looked up to. You are the girl I love. " I smile to him. I don't feel that way but I love that he is a bad boy. His tattoos are kind of hit. Y/n what are you thinking. He is bad for you. But he is sweet and a gentleman. Jason interrupted my thoughts by taking my hand and hold it. I smile to him "thank you for Bering so sweet" I say. I can see the sadness in his eyes. He is afraid of loosing me and not be friends anymore. "I love you too but only as a friend. Maybe if we get to know each other can we be in a relation ship" I say and we hug. " you are a great boy waiting for the perfect girl. She is out there somewhere on this planet. " I say and smile. "You are the one" he says. I smile "Jason. I'm so sorry I just will be friends. " I say. I feel tears starting to push on. "Thank you for a good time. I need to get back home." I says and stand up. I walk downstairs. I take my shoes and jacket on. I walk out the door. I take my skateboard and start skate down the driveway. I hear a door close with a big bang. I keen skating. "Y/n. Please wait. " it was Jason. I keep skating until I get in front of my driveway. I step off the skateboard and pick it up. I walk up my driveway. "Y/n" a known voice said behind. It was Jason. I keep on going up the driveway. A hand takes around my wrist. I turn around and look in to his brown eyes. "There was one thing you forgot at my house " he says. I smile. What was it? He learn forwards. Oh no. Is he going to kiss me. Or just on my check. He kiss me on my check. I smile "thank you. Maybe we can find another day" he smile "yeah sure. See ya" we hug. I smile. He smiles back. I walk up to the front door. I walk inside and up tony room. I close the door behind me and plug my headphones in my iPhone. I lie down on my bed and listen to Justin Biebers music. I fall asleep fast.

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