Daughter of the maneger (M.A.D, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato fanfic)

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  • Publiceret: 16 jun. 2014
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10. y/n pow

Y/n p.o.w

My phone have been ringing since the morning after we left. I turn off my phone. We have been driving in a long time now. We are driving to the south England to the beaches and the palms here in England. Dan is the one that's driving right now.

After a long road trip.

Finally are we at the beach. The sun is shining. I take on my sunglasses and step out of the car. The same does Dan. He comes over to me and we hug in a long time. "I'm happy you want to run away with me babe" "I love you Dan" we kiss. "I *kiss* love *kiss* you *kiss* too *kiss* d/n" I giggle and kiss him back. We walk to the beach. It's so beautiful. There is a camping place we lives at right beside the beach. I don't know how but we lives there for free.

I take my skateboard and skate around on the beach. There is a skater road for skaters. I think it's cool. Dan is skating with me. We are so happy. I'm happy. I'm in love.

The end. I hope you like it.

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