Daughter of the maneger (M.A.D, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato fanfic)

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9. y/n pow

Y/n P.O.W

I feel some arms hold around my belly. I slowly wakes up. I turn my head and see Dan besides me. I smile and learn in. What am I doing. Our lips meet. A smile comes across Dan's lips. He starts kissing back. We are having a make out section. I think I have feelings for Dan. No I can't have feelings for him. He is not my type, I thought to myself. Dan roles over, so he is on top. Slowly he moves out of the kiss but he is still close to me. "Sorry I don't know what I just did" I said. He just smiled. "It's okay Y/n. I have something to say.." He says smiling. I smiles and node. "I think I love you. You are the girl everyone is looking at and the girl I want to live my life with. I pray to God everyday that I'll merry you someday. I love you Y/n. Please will you be my girlfriend?" I smile. "Dan... I feel the same way towards you. Let's run away together. I'll love to be your girlfriend. Dan I love you" I says. A big smile comes across his lips. We have a make out section in 5 or something.

"Go pack. We are leaving at 12 am tonight" he kiss my check and get up. I stand up too and walks over to my closet. I start packing cloth and shoes in a big bag. I also pack the charger for my phone and laptop. I have a charger station that gets power by the sun. I also pack that one in my bag. I also pack my skateboard in the bag. The time is running. I take a pad of paper and a pencil. I write down a letter for dad.

"Dear dad.

Please don't be mad at me because I'll not be here when you wake up. I'm okay. Don't worry. I'll come back later. Maybe in 2 days. Maybe in a year. Maybe longer. Only God knows. I hope you will accept my choice. I love you dad. Please say to the others that I love them.

Bye... Yours Y/n Y/l/n "

I put it under my duvet. The time is in. I take my bag and my jacket in my hands and turn off all light in my room. I kiss my picture of my family and friends and walk out the door. I close the door like the other days. I walk downstairs quiet. No one is awake. No one hears me. I walk outside. I lock the door. Dan is standing outside in front of his car. I smile big and walk over to him. We kiss shortly. He takes my bag and my jacket and put it in the car. His things are also in the car. I sit in the car. The same does he. I take my seatbelt on. Dan does the same and starts the car. We drives out if the driveway and out in the world.

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