Daughter of the maneger (M.A.D, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato fanfic)

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  • Publiceret: 16 jun. 2014
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6. No. 5 Y/n p.o.w.

Y/n P.O.W

I wake up with my head hurting. I take my hands to my head to get the pain away but no. I walk over to my closet and take my one pice on. I walk downstairs and in to the kitchen. I see Dan standing in there drinking a glass if juice. I smile "morning Dan" I say and smile. He smile back "morning Y/n. Have you slept well?" He ask. I smile and nod. "Yes but now my head is hurting" I say with a smile. I take some bread and eat it. I can't remember what happened after I kissed Miley and Justin. It's crazy. I can't remember how all the mess got cleaned up and I can't remember the boys and when they got home. Aiden walk in the kitchen "morning Aiden" I say and smile. I eat the last peace of my bread. Then I get a glass and some juice. I drunk it and walk to my room again. I turn on some music on my loud speaker. I close my eyes. Someone knock on my door. I smile and say "come in" in a tired voice. "Morning y/n" a voice says. I open my eyes and see Michael smile and standing beside my bed. "Morning Michael" I smile big. "Come sit down. I don't bite" I say and wink at him. He smile and sit next to me. "When did you get home last night?" "We were home when you Selena and Justin cleaned the house. " he says with a smile. I smile "oh ... I... I can't remember that" he smile. "After Selena and Justin took home you should walk up stairs. You were close to fall a few times and started laugh out loud. " I smile and look down. I look up "what did I do after you came home?" I ask. He smile big "Aiden helped you in your bed so you could sleep but you kissed him. You made out with him Y/n" he started laughing. I look down and blush a lot. "You are so sweet when you are drunk!" He says with a smile. I smile "thank you I think. Can you please get out. I need to change" "sure " he walk out and close the door after him. I get up and change in to a pair of shorts and a tshirt. I put my hair up in a messy bun. I take my phone and log on twitter. I've get so many followers and tweets since yesterday night. I smile and tweet "thank you for an amazing party yesterday @justinbieber @drake @selenagomez @mileycyrus @demilovato. I love u all so much" I click tweet. I post a picture from the party yesterday with everyone from the party on Instagram with the text "thank you for an amazing party yesterday @justinbieber @drake @selenagomez @mileycyrus @demilovato. I love u all so much" I click post and lock my phone. I put it in my pocket. I walk downstairs to get some food. I sit at the dinner table and eat my food. The boys walk over to me and they sit around the table. "Morning boys. Sorry about what happened last night. Michael told me what I did. I'm so sorry. " I say and eat my food. "It's okay." Dan says. I smile and look up from my food. "You are cute when you are drunk" Aiden says. I smile "your laugh get me to laugh" Michael says. I smile and laugh "thank you guys. You are the best!" I get up and hug each of them. I put my plate in the washing machine (sorry I don't. Know what it's called). "Do you wanna play xbox with me?" I ask them. "YES!!" They scream at me. I laugh and walk to the game room to turn on the tv and the xbox. Yes we have a game room. The boys walk in. Dan and Michael sit in the couch. Aiden sit in the armchair and I sit on the ground on a big pillow chair. We start the game. We play all day. It's funny playing with the boys.

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