Daughter of the maneger (M.A.D, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato fanfic)

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5. No. 4 y/n p.o.w

*Y/n p.o.w*

I wake up by someone shaking me and calling my name. "Y/n wake up" I slowly open my eyes to see Michael waking me up. I smile "morning Michael. Why are you waking me up?" I ask. He smile "your dad said I should because he was going to a meeting with the people from the record label" I smile. "Thank you for waking me up" I say and smile. He smile back "see ya" he says and walk out. He close my door after him. I stand up and walk to my walk in closet. I get a pair of skinny jeans and a shirt with the quote "only God can judge ya, forget the haters cause somebody loves ya". I walk downstairs and in to the living room where the boys and dad are sitting. "Hey" I say and sit in the couch next to Aiden and Dan. Dad are sitting in the armchair and Michael is lying down on the 2 people couch. "What are you going to do today" I ask. "We are going to the studio" Dan says. I smile "Dad may I hold a party tonight ?" "Yes but only for 50 friends. If some strangers is coming call the bodyguards by clicking on the contact in the kitchen next to the soda stream." He says "sure. Can I call Selena and get her over?" "Yeah sure. She is in London right now so you can call her if you want to" he says. I smile big "thank you " I run to my room. I get my phone and call her by FaceTime. She answer after 1 minute. She smile "hey baby. Long time no see" she says. I smile "hey Sel. I have a party at my place. We have moved to the center of London now. I live together my dad and his band called M.A.D. They are so sweet, but they are going to the studio, so I'm alone. Do you wanna come?" I ask. She smile big "yeah sure. I'm in London and I have a night free tonight. When shall I come?" She ask. I smile "you can come over now if you want to?" "I'll love to come over now. What is your address" I tell her my address. "Is not too far away from my hotel. I'll be over in 10 minutes. I love you babe see you soon." She says I wave to her and kiss her thought the camera, she do the same and we hung up. I walk downstairs and in to the living room to the boys "Sel is competing over. Her hotel is only 10 minutes away so she will be here soon. " I say with a big grin on my face. Aiden look at me with big eyes "is it Selena in Selena Gomez?" He ask. I smile big "yes it is. I met her when I was in LA together my dad. We came along and now we are best friends. She means everything to me" I say. Then someone knock on the front door. "I'll go open it" I say and walk to the front door. I open it and see Selena standing in front of me. I smile and hug her " hey Sel. I've missed you so much" I say. She hug back "hey Y/n I've missed you so much too" I pull back and let her in the house. I close the door and lock it. She take her shoes and her jacket off. "The boys and my dad is in the living room. Come say hello to them" I say with a smile. "Of course " she says. We walk in the living room " this is Selena my best friend from the US" I say to the boys. "Hey I'm Selena" she shake all the boys hands and smile to them. "We will be upstairs in my room. " I say to them. Selena and I walk up stairs. I show her around the house. When she gets in my room she start laugh cause I have posters of her on my wall together my other idols. "That's why I love you" she says. I smile "I love you too. Tonight I am home alone. I may hold a party for 50 friends. Who do you think I shall invite?" I ask. "Well Drake, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber is in town too. We can call them over so we hold our own little party you know" she says with a gring on her face. I smile big. "That's a good idea, do you have their numbers" I ask. She smile "yeah I do. " she take her phone and call them. After we have talked to everyone we start to get dressed. She borrow a dress from me. It's black. She also borrow a pair of high heals by Chanel. I have a purple dress on and a pair of high heals from Christian Louboutin in black. We do our makeup. The clock is 5 pm and the boys are going to the studio 6 pm for recording new songs. The guests are coming 5.30 pm. I get my hair done. Selena help me. I help her with her hair too. We walk downstairs and in to the kitchen. We make drinks. After that we walk in the living room and sit in the couch. I sit next to Aiden and next to me sit Selena. Dan and Michael sit in the 2 person couch and dad sit in the armchair. "You look great girls" Dan says. "Thank you" Selena and I say at the same time. We laugh but stop not long after. "Beautiful girls" Aiden says" thank you" we says. "Stay Sexy" Michael says. "We will" Selena says before I could say anything. Then the door bell ring. Selena and I stand up and walk to the front door. I open it and see Drake and Justin Bieber standing in front of me. I smile "welcome and come in" I hug Drake first "thank you for the invitation y/n" he says. I smile "thank you for coming" I say. Justin come over to me "hey Y/n. Long time since we met last time " I smile and we hug "it has been too long. I've missed you so much " I say. He smile and we hug again. After what seems being forever we pull away. "Come and meet my dad and the band M.A.D. They are going to the studio soon so we have the house for ourselves. " I say and wink at Justin and Drake. They smile and we walk in to the living room. "This is my friends Drake and Justin Bieber" I say to Michael, Aiden and Dan. Then the doorbell rang again. I walk to the door with Sel and open it. I see Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. I smile and welcome them. I hug Miley first. "Hey Y/n thank you for the invitation." She says. I smile " no problem. Thank you for coming" I say. Demi walk over to me and we hug "hey Y/n thank you for the invitation." She says. I smile "thank you for coming Demi." We all smile "come meet the band MAD, my dad, Justin and Drake. They are in the living room." We all walk in the living room. They say hi to each other. "Someone want a drink?" I ask. "I want one " Miley says. Also Demi, Drake and Justin say yes. Selena and I walk to get them drinks. We come back and give them a drink. "Do you guys want a drink before you are leaving in 10 minutes?" I ask Michael, Dan and Aiden. "Yes thank you" they say. I go get them a drink then I walk back to them and hand them their drinks. After they have drinkers their drinks they leave to the studio. I lick the door after them. I turn on some dance music. I start dancing. Then justin join me and then Miley join me. As the time goes by I get more and more drunk. I've kissed Justin tonight and I've kissed Miley tonight. I've raked pictures of my kisses and I've also takes smile pictures with all of them one by one and in a group picture. I'm drunk, I don't care they are my friends. Everything is perfect right now. No hate at all and I'm with my best friends I've known since I lived in the US. Drake come over to me "y/n thank you this amazing party. I love you sis. I have to go. It's getting late" we hug and he walk out to the taxi that will drive him home. Then Demi and Miley come over to me and say good bye and thank you a good party. They leave to their hotels in a taxi they share. Justin walk over to me and Selena "do you need a hand cleaning this stuff?" He ask. I smile "yes please". We clean it up when the door get locked up. Michael, Dan, Aiden and my dad come home and see how drunk Justin, Selena and I are. We get the rest cleaned up, then Justin and Selena leave after they say bye and hugging me. I smile and lock the door after them. I take off my high healed and still them next to the other shoes. I walk up stairs to my room. I laugh half way to my room causeing me to fall down stairs. Someone hold around my waist and help me to my room. It's Aiden. I smile and kiss him. He kiss back. I'm so drunk. I'll not remember it tomorrow anyway. He pull away and help me in my big king size bed. He give me my duvet on. He kiss me gently on my lips "sleep well y/n. " I kiss him back. He then pull away the second time. I start laughing out of nowhere. "Y/n sshh. You need to sleep. You are drunk" he says. I stop laughing. He walk out and I fall asleep fast.

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