Daughter of the maneger (M.A.D, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato fanfic)

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  • Publiceret: 16 jun. 2014
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4. No. 3 Y/n p.o.w

*Y/n p.o.w*

I wake up by my dad shaking me. I open my eyes a little. "Morning" I mumble. "Morning baby. We are driving in an hour. I will go packing the car now." "Well I will get cloth on. Go out" he walk out and I get changer in a pair of jogging pants. I take at shirt on with a tiger head printed on. I take all the boxes I packed yesterday and lift them out to my car. I pack my car and walk back inside. "Dad can you help me with my bed so I can get it downstairs and out in the trailer behind my car." He smile "yeah sure baby" we walk up stairs and lift my bed down in the trailer. We walk upstairs and we lift dads double bed down in his trailer behind his car. We get done packing our cars and trailers. Dad drives in front of me, I drive behind to the new house. We park in front of a big house. I walk out of my car. Dad walk over to me. "Baby here is our new house. The band will arrive in 20 minutes. Let's go inside so you can pick a room." "Sure" I say and we walk up to the front door. Dad open the door and we walk inside. I get a tour around in the house. I pick a room on 1st floor. I walk downstairs and start to lift my boxes up. Then my name get shot from downstairs. I walk downstairs. Then there stay 3 boys and my dad. They talk. I walk over to them and join the conversation "hey I'm Y/n. I'm George's daughter. I'm 17 years old." They smile and I shake their hands. "My name is Daniel but you can call me Dan" the first one says. "I'm Aiden, " the second one says. "I'm Michael " the last one says. I smile "well I'll be in my room and pack my things out. " say and walk up stairs to my room. I close the door. I turn on my loud speeches and connect my iPhone. I turn on my Mikey Cyrus songs and sing along. I pack out my things and hung up my posters of my idols on my wall. My idols are Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone and so many others. After I've packed out in 2 hours do I turn off my music and walk downstairs. I walk in to the kitchen and look for food. Dad comes walking in to the kitchen "dad shall I go but some food and stuff like that?" I ask. He smile "yeah but take One of the boys with you so they can help you to lift some of the bags." I smile. "Okay I'll take Michael with me." I walk up stairs to Michaels room. I knock on the door "come in" he says. I open the door a little to see him sitting on bed. I smile "do you wanna go shopping food with me for tonight and tomorrow?" I ask. He smile and node yes. I smile and he walk over to me. "Shall we go?" He ask. I smile and node yes "yes. We drive in my car " I say. We walk down stairs. I take my jacket on and my purple Supras. I walk out of the front door. Michael walk behind me and close the door after us. "So how is it to be a daughter of a manager?" He ask me. I smile "well it's good cause I get the change to meet some of my idols from all around the world. " he smile. We sit in my car, I start it and we drive off. "What do you play in the band?" I ask. He smile flirty to me. "I sing and play piano and guitar. Do you play a instrument or do you sing or something?" He ask. I smile "I don't play any instruments but I sing a little bit when I'm alone where no one can hear me. " I say and drive in the parking lot for the shop. I park my car. We walk out, I lock it and we walk in to the store. We buy the things we need, then we walk out. We sit in the car. I start the car and drive out of the parking lot. "Do you wanna learn to play some instruments?" He ask. I smile "I wanna learn to play guitar and piano. " he smile "if you want to can I learn you to play both of the instruments" "thank you." I say and drive in to our drive way. I park my car in the new garage with self open garage door and 6 parking lots so there is place to all cars. I walk out the car and take two bags. Michael take two bags too. We walk in the house and out in the kitchen. We pack out the bags and put it I the refrigerator and in the kitchen cabinet. "Thank you for the help Michael" I say and hug him. "No problem. If you need help then call me "he says then walk off. I smile and take an apple to eat. I walk up to my room and close my door. I turn on my television and watch Glee. I fall asleep.

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