Daughter of the maneger (M.A.D, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato fanfic)

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  • Publiceret: 16 jun. 2014
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3. No. 2 dad p.o.w

*dad p.o.w*

I walk over to my car and drive off the restaurant. I drive over to the meeting place where me and the M.A.D boys will meet. I park my car and step out. I lock it and walk in to Starbucks where we meet. The boys are sitting around a table already. I buy a coffee latte and sit with the boys. "Hey boys. Are you ready for tomorrow?" I ask. Aiden says "yeah it will be great to work with music all the time without school and stuff you know" Dan says "yeah it will be great. Just singing and preforming all time." Michael says "we can sing and look after sexy ladies you know" he rise his eyebrows and laugh. The others laugh too. Laugh a little but then say "yo boys. I need to get home to my daughter. I said that I won't get home late. " I get up and take my jacket on. "See you tomorrow boys" I walk out to my car and drive home. When I get home I park my car beside y/n's car. I lock my car and close the garage. I walk up to the front door and lock it up. I walk inside and lock the door. I take my jacket off and hung it up and my shoes off and still it in place. I walk upstairs to the master room and change to my sleepwear. I wall in to y/n's room and see she is sleeping. I kiss her on her forehead. "I'm home now. Sleep well baby" I walk out and in to my room. I lie down on my bed and fall asleep fast.

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