Daughter of the maneger (M.A.D, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato fanfic)

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  • Publiceret: 16 jun. 2014
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2. no. 1 Y/n p.o.w

*Y/n point of view*

I'm going to the city for a meeting with my dad. I have a shirt on and a pair of skinny jeans on. I put on a natural makeup look. I walk downstairs and out to my car. I drive to the restaurant. I walk in and wait for my dad to come. My dad walks in the restaurant and when he see me he smile big. "Hey babe. Let's get some delicious to eat. " he says. I smile and we hug. "Hey dad. ". We walk over to our table and order our food. After we have get our food we start eat. We talk about everything. A little silence come along. Out of nowhere he ask me "how are you with boys?" I smile "well they are sweet and gentle and they know how to treat women right. Why?" "You know my job, I'm manager and I have to live together a group on 3 boys. The band is called M.A.D. If you want to you can live with us?" I smile big "Oh my God I'll love to live with you. When did you get your job?." "I got my job 5 days ago. We move in the big house tomorrow. I think you all will be good friends. They are at your age. " he says with a smile. I smile "yeah I hope so too" I say and smile. I'm not the type of girl that talk to everyone and kiss with every boy that I want. I'm shy when boys talk to me. I'm just a shy girl but I love to sing by myself. My dad don't know that I love to sing because he is out of house most of time when I am home after school. He is to meetings with other musicians. I hope he will not leave me alone in the house with 3 boys. "Y/n hallo?" Dad asks. I get out of my thoughts and smile "yes sorry " he smile "do you want dessert?" "No thank you I can't eat much more sorry" "don't be sorry that's okay. I'll pay then we can go home and get packet for tomorrow" he smile and walk off so he can buy for the food. I smile, stand up and get my jacket on so we can leave when he comes back. I hope the band don't judge me or say that I'm fat cause i have curves and don't go in the smallest cloth. Dad walk over to me and take his jacket on. "Thank you for food dad. It was good. See ya at home. I'll drive home and pack my things." I say and hug him. I kiss him on his check. He kiss my forehead. "I love you baby. See you at home. I'm going to meet the boys from M.A.D in 20 minutes so I'll be home later. " he says. I wave and walk off. I walk to my car and drive home. I drive up the drive way and park my car in the garage. I lock my car and close the garage. I walk up to the front door and open it. I lock it when I come in. I take off my jacket and shoes. I walk to my room and start packing my things in boxes.

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