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  • Publiceret: 21 dec. 2013
  • Opdateret: 21 dec. 2013
  • Status: Igang
My heart and mind will never forget!… Can you hear my heart, it cries, It cries, so that it is about to burst No one like you could make me feel alive wrap me in midnight blue velvet, of joy Can you feel my heart is cryien my eyes are dry, I feel so hurt You Sent my heart full of joy, on the backside of the Moon and back through all dimensions of pleasure You got the midnight blue velvet made into a shroud I have only the endless days of solitude My mind will never forget, my world will be so empty. My heart is sealed no one enters it will soon become stone I will soon become a sombi a walking living dead Without the spark of life and with hopes shattered Life mean nothing only matter of time if I bother more, loneliess always wins.


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