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Its both Danish and English fanfictions of random Fandoms. From Harry Potter till Doctor Who. Also Rise Of the Guardians and How To Train Your Dragon. Each Chapter will be a one short story. As told both Danish and English. Enjoy ^^


2. To be blind.

Fandom: How To Train Your Dragon.

Ship: Toothcup (HiccupxToothless)


Toothless walked up at the hill as he had past the gates into the gravyards area. He search throught he stones where he found the one he had searched for. However he saw someone standing or...flying above the grave. 

"Is that you...Hiccup?" Toothless asked out.

"Yeah Toothless. Its me. " 

"Hiccup. Its been really fun!" Toothless spoke out as he had a small smile along his lips. "Remember how you described to me the sky? and the ocean? and the stars and moon?. Ever since i reccived the news that i have a donor. I was so excited to see them! And now i have! And thats all thanks to

you Hiccup!" Toothless said as he keep smiling where his eyes shine so bright.

"You did a good thing Hiccup. I really am Happy. So its okay, Hic...For you to rest in peace..."

Toothless said as he felt his eyes was a bit in tears.

"Is that so?" Hiccup asked as he turned and looked at Toothless with a grinning smile.

"Well then...I guess i better get going." Hiccup spoke as the ghost form slowly vanish from the grave with  the last words "Thank you...goodbye" 


Toothless just looked at the spot for a while. His bright green eyes was in tears as he just grinned a bit before he laid a rose on top at Hiccups grave. " No Thank you... Goodbye Hic " He whispered


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