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Its both Danish and English fanfictions of random Fandoms. From Harry Potter till Doctor Who. Also Rise Of the Guardians and How To Train Your Dragon. Each Chapter will be a one short story. As told both Danish and English. Enjoy ^^


3. The Dream.

Fandom: How To Train Your Dragon.

ships: Maybe Toothcup.


Darkness. It was the first thing he ever saw. Crack. Crack. Crack. A small crack of light slowly got into his little room. He groan a bit. The light got more bright than ever. He blink for a moment before he lift his small ceiling off him and looked around him. It was almost like his little home. But more bigger. And there they was. Two elder versions of himself.

They got near him and sniffed to him. A purring was heard as he slowly leans into the elder one.
"Welcome to the world my young one."  Did a voice speak out from one of the eldest.

"What his a world?" The young one asked as he rolled out from the small pieces of his small home. 

"A world is what you live into with us. Your parents. " The other eldest spoke while it got over to him. He was so huge and taller while he carried a creature into his mouth. He held the creature down in front at the young one where he nuzzled his nose against the young ones 

"Eat up my dear. It is your first meal into the world you shall live into" It spoke where the young one looked at the food for a time. He poked slightly to it and looked up at his parents.

"What is this called?" The young one was curious. He wanted to know everything that they showed him.

"Its called a Fish. Salmon to be correct"  One of his parents told when she guard at the entering of the cave. 

"Does it taste good?" The young one ask when he poked to the fish.

"Taste it my dear. You will love it" his father told as he crawl behind the young one.

"Hmmm...." The young one huffed as he grabbed the fish with his mouth and ate it. He purred happily as he got the taste from the fish 

"MORE!" He called out as he looked between his parents "WANT MORE!" He called out while he wagging his tail for a moment.

"You need to wait my dear. We shall caught them first" The father spoke.

"Aww! but i want them now!" The young one gumbled as he crawl himself into a ball. "Paitent my dear one" The mother spoke as she licked the young ones back for a while and held him into her warming stomach.

The young one purred slightly as he cuddle him close into his mother's stomach. He sighed soon after and slowly fell asleep. But before he could a loud yelling of another language was called out "Quickly! Young one! You need to hid!" The father called out when he growled as he jumped out from the cave and protected his family. A loud noise of a whimp and a roar in pain was heard...then it went silent outside.


The young Dragon had hid into a corner behind a rock so he weren't easy to see.

"Be there my dear. Don't get out before i return. " The mother told as she grolwed when a strange tall creature got near the cave. She spit her blue fire after the strange creature making them away from her baby. She went out from the cave as well and roar dangerous against them.

Another loud whimp and a roar in all went silent. The young Dragon peak out from its hiding place  as he waited for his parents to get back into the cave. It felt like hours. Nothing and no one returned back to him.

"Mummy! Daddy!" he whine as he got over to the exit of the cave. He looked out and saw something red on the rocks near the cave. What is that? he wondered as he sniffed into the air and down toward the red liquid.. It was familiar to his father.

"Daddy!" The young Dragon called out as he looked around him. but there were no sight or sound from his parents.. Whimping...the young Dragon left the place near the cave. Trying to search for his parents. WHen he got near the forest there had been a noise into the bushes.

"Hello?" The Smaller Dragon called out as he got near the bush.
A roar got out from the bush. The young Dragon tried to run and then....


His eyes snapped open. His breathment had been faster as he looked up on the strange creature. No...not a creature. his friend. his rider...His Hiccup.

"Toothless are you alright?" Hiccup asked softly as he knelt down to Toothless and stroked his head "Nightmare bud?"

Toothless took a deep breath when he rest his head down against Hiccup's lap and made a small purring noise. Hiccup stroked The nightfurys nose as he smiled a bit "You know nothing can harm you now Toothless" he whispered as he laid a bit down beside his dragon. The human rest his small head against Toothless stomach. Feeling the warming from the dragons stomach.

"I will always protet you Toothless"  Hiccup sworn on his life as he rubbed his hand along Toothless neck. 

It let out another purring noise from the dragon as it held its wing over the human. He might had dream about his parents death. But he knew by now that he was safe with his Hiccup.

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