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Its both Danish and English fanfictions of random Fandoms. From Harry Potter till Doctor Who. Also Rise Of the Guardians and How To Train Your Dragon. Each Chapter will be a one short story. As told both Danish and English. Enjoy ^^


1. Halloween Party.

Fandom: Harry Potter.

Ship: Tomarry (HarryxTom)

It was October 31. The hallowen Party was tonight by Riddles Manor. however Harry wanted to make it a bit more special for his love on.
They had a fight a few days ago, by that Tom had  been gone to his manor insted of their flate. It hurted him a bit that Tom haven't spoke to him since. The Raven Haired teen sighed and looked over at the mirror, watching his reflection into it.

A small smile spread along Harry's lips, the thought was clear for him. He would make Tom look at him tonight, but would his plan work? Harry went out from his bed, taking his jacket on and left to the nearby store.
This would be interesting. He thought as he walked near the store.

It was evening, and Tom had his costum on, he had choose to be a Vampire since a lot of people had believed he have been that. It was a stupid muggle thing but he had agreed to make the hallown party, since a lot of people already would get to the party. The elder male sighed as he looked at his desk, a few letters had been opened on it, spread out as notes had been taking from him. He would love to work the whole evening. 

Tom shook his head a bit and got out from his office, the music was already started down into the party room. People got inside from the front door, as it had been opened so Tom didn't needed to reach the door each time there was a bell ringing or a knock on the door. A lot of people had already came by. Different costums was seeing around him.

Some was a mummy other a homeless or a zombie. Few others had been vampires too.  He could get the names of the different monsters at the party.

He saw Bellatrix Lestrange, she had dressed like sexy devil. If people thought that sight was sexy. Tom shiver a bit for the thought about Bealltrix, there might chase around to get his attention. His eyes landed on a familiar blonde male at the dancefloor, he had been a zombie. He knew him as Lucius Malfoy, who could maybe mistake that long blonde hair? No one could, it was simply not possible.

Tom sighed as there had gone a half hour, and yet he haven't seeing one sight of his lover. Maybe he choose not to get here anyway. A lot of Harry's small friends had been there too, that Granger Girl, she were dressed like a Pirat girl. The Weasley boy there was with her, looked like he was the Captain for those two, since he to had Pirat clothes on.

The elder male notice the heir of Malfoy. Draco he had been dressed like a skeleton. One of the good costumes, Tom thought with a small smile.

The Weasley Twins was to the party as well, they had been dressed themself very likely each other. He knew them out from  Harry's words, that they was troublemakes, but yet funny to anything and that they could bring up a smile in people. They was dressed like ghostes or tried to in fact.
A lot of people was dancing to the music and spoke a lot with each other.


Another hour had gone and Tom looked at his watch, as he had been speaking with Severus. Funny that the potion master had been dressed like werewolf.  Tom do never thought that the potion master, would had taken this to him.

A few more people got inside the party room, it had been some other death eaters but in the end, Tom's eyes had been looking at the door as a teen got inside. Cat ears and a tail on the back, whiskers at the cheeks and the black tight latex suit. Damn! Harry Potter looked so sexy into that cat custome! 

A few other people had stared after the teen, but Harry just smiled at them as he walked around and found his friends to speak with. He got a lot of comments about his costume. Tom clear his throat as Harry had draw attention, from none other than The elder Malfoy as well a few of the other Death Eaters.  Hell no! Harry was his! Harry has never been anyone else!


Tom growl a bit as Lucius had ran a hand down along Harry's cheek, this was not going to happen! 

Tom found his way over toward Harry and got in front at Lucius, he smiled so kindly and yet had the killer look into his eyes. 

"If i may Lucius, I do like to get my love out on a dance." Tom said as he held Harry's hand in his own. 

"You may my lord. " Lucius said as he stepped away, fearing those eyes each time.
Harry looked up at the elder vampire, he smiled kindly as he held his other hand at Tom's cheek.

"Do i look good into this costume Thomas?" Harry asked his elder Lover.

Tom smirk a bit as he held his arm around Harry's waist, pulling the little kitten close up to him, as he leans down to the teens ear.

"You look sexy my little kitten, those fluffy ears and that long fluffy tail. damn i feel like i could cum anymoment love." Tom whispered and felt a shivering running down at Harry's spine.

Tom nippled a bit to the young teens ear, he chuckled while it had release a moan from the kitten.

"H-How about w.we go to your..argh. Office?" Harry manage to speak, while he held his arms around Tom's neck, a small kiss got placed on Tom's jaw. It realse a moan from the elder male.

"I think we should get home to our flat, i feel like we need to get there any moment now" Tom whispered as he smirk a bit. "What about the party?" Harry asked with a small smile

"The party can keep going, but if someone smash anything in the manor im gonna punish them." Tom explained while he slowly lead Harry the way out from the party.

It was not long away from the manor that they had their flat together, just around two blocks away. They both knew that they would have a great evening together. Happy Halloween for that idea! 


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