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  • Publiceret: 2 nov. 2013
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The idea is to write it, so that people hear it and it slides trough the brain and goes straight to the heart.

- Maya Angelou


25. To be or not to be; Strong


People keep telling me

That I'm weak

That I have no strength at all


That isn't true

Thats a lie


I may not be strong enough to build that house

Or move that tree


But I'm strong enough to open my eyes

every morning

I´m strong enough to survive this thing called "life"


I may be weak

Because i can't let down that animal

I may be weak 

Because i can't let go


But I'm strong enough to move on 

I´m strong enough to listen


And most important of all;

I´m strong enough to be myself

That´s the strength i need, and nothing more




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