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  • Publiceret: 2 nov. 2013
  • Opdateret: 18 nov. 2013
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The idea is to write it, so that people hear it and it slides trough the brain and goes straight to the heart.

- Maya Angelou


21. There is this girl

There is this girl

She´s really driving me crazy

But in the good way


There is this girl

We are fooling around

She really makes my day

She really cares for me

She really likes me


And i love her

I love when she´s laughing

And yes, she is laughing

She is laughing with me


I would never try to describe how much she means to me

Because no words could ever describe her

If i could, yes i would

If i could i would give her the world

I would show her how much she means to me


Because i know that she´ll

Pick me up when i fall

Make my wings if they´re broken

Make me smile, when the world has turned it´s back on me


I really love this girl

And i hope she knows that


- Jeg elsker dig Bro



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