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  • Publiceret: 2 nov. 2013
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The idea is to write it, so that people hear it and it slides trough the brain and goes straight to the heart.

- Maya Angelou


4. The Mask



I´m wearing a mask

You didn't see that

You wouldn't know that if i didn't tell


But i am

Everybody is wearing a mask

A mask that protects us from being hurt

Being fooled

Being  laughed at

Being disrespected

Being the person that everybody avoids


It ´s time to take of our masks

We don´t have to hide who we are


It ´s time to  face the truth

We aren´t perfect

None of us

Don´t be afraid

Let´s count to three

Then pull of that mask

You´ll realize that it is hard

Because you´ve been wearing it for too long

It´ve almost started to believe 

That it really belongs to you

The mask

It thinks that it is a part of you


But it isn´t

Be strong

Be yourself

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