Novelle samlinger :D

jeg har skrevet mange noveller, jeg er rimelig stolt over nogle af dem.. men jeg syntes ikke at de var lange nok til at få deres egen movelle, derfor laver jeg en novelle samling xD jeg ligger flere ind, efter jeg bliver færdige med dem xD de er meget blandende.. XD


11. With a little help from a friend


It will be dark, and I’ll be sitting in my room. I would hear my parents yell down in the living room. I hate when they yell. That isn’t the meaning. They should be in love. Not yell. It will all be so wrong. “I hate you!” my mom will scream. That will made me cry, tears will stream down my face. She should’ve said “I love you”. Not hate. It is all so wrong. Maybe they will break up. Maybe my dad will go mad at my mom, and punch her. I’ll crawl into my bed and pull my pillow over my head. The door to their bedroom will be slammed. And I will hear my dad yell again. I’ll don’t want to be in the house when they yell. I’ll wish that I could escape. Maybe I could. My body will swing up from the bed. I could climb out of the window. I’ll open the window and look down. If I’ll jump, it will only hurt a little. Seconds after I’ll jump, I’ll feel the grass against my body. It’ll hurt a little; my right arm will hurt a lot. I’ll stand up and try to look at my arm. But it’ll be dark and I wouldn’t see anything. I’ll winch in pain, and then just ignore it. Then I’ll run to the house of my best friend, crying like hell. I’ll go to her backyard and look in at her window. She will look out of her window and see me crying. The she will stop her phone call and open the window for me. I’ll crawl in and sit on her bed. Without a word she will just sit down on the bed, next to me and wrap her arm around my shoulder. I’ll Burry my face in her shoulder, and then just let the tears stream down.  After some minutes I’ll stop crying and just look at my friend. She is beautiful as always. I’ll look in to her eyes; they will be kind of red. She will be about to cry, but to make me feel protected, she doesn’t. “Did your mom and dad hat an argument again?” she will ask. I’ll just nod. I’ll don’t feel like talking in that moment. “I’m sorry for you.” she will say then. That will make me cry again. She will drag me in to her lap, making me feel protected. “Shh-sh.” Will be the only sound besides my cries. “W-Why does they Y-Yell that much?” I’ll ask, still crying. “I don’t know, but the will stop soon. I’m sure about that” She will answer. “Can I be here until that happens?” I’ll ask. “Sure about that! You can be here forever, if you want!” I love my best friend, especially in this moment. “Thanks, thanks, thanks!!! I love you!!!” I’ll pull her into a huge hug, surprising her. She will hug me back, and then look at me. “Shall we go down and eat something?” She will ask. I will open my eyes wide, “of course!” Then we will laugh together, and I’ll pull myself of off her lap. I’ll take her hand and we’ll run downstairs. We’ll take out some ice cream and make our self some hot chocolate. Then we’ll run upstairs again. After eating and drinking, we’ll get tried. We’ll instantly fall in sleep. That night I’ll get a nightmare. So I’ll wake up screaming. My heart will go very fast. My scream will wake up my best friend. “Where does it burn, should’ve we jump out the window?” she will ask, nut fully awaken. “It doesn’t burn, I just had a nightmare.” I’ll answer irritated. Then she was fully awake.  “Was it about mom and dad?” She will ask. I’ll nod. “Shall we just talk for the rest of the night, or do you wanna sleep again?” She will ask sitting up to look at the clock. We’ll talk for a long time. It will be about 4 p.m. when we’ll decide to go down and get some food. It will really help talking to her. I’ll almost forget about my parents arguing. After three days staying at my best friend’s house, I’ll decide that it’s time to go home. I’ll bet my farewells, and walked home again hoping their stopped yell. I’ll open my door, seeing my parents worried, sitting in the couch. When they’ll hear me, they’ll run to me and apologies. After that I’ll never hear them arguing or yell again, thanks to the little help from my friend.

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