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  • Publiceret: 19 okt. 2013
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Quotes by me..


3. The fangirl

She feels invisible

If she's trying to blow your mind

You wont regonize her.

She's just a regular girl in your eyes

She's trying so hard

to get a piece of your attention

But instead

You notise the pretty girl in the front row.

Whos makeup weights more than her purse

The girl every boy just fall for.

For you, she's just a normal fangirl in the crowd

Trying desperate to get your attention

But what you dont know is

That the girl you overlooked

Is the one, who'll do anything for you

Cuz' you gave her a reason to smile

A reason to never give up

to keep on fighting

You never really realise

what you have done to this girl.


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