†Celebrity Love†

Abbey Williams er en pige på 16 år med et meget specielt forhold til en dreng, hun har mødt online. Han snakker engelsk men det er ikke et problem.
Abbey har det ikke godt i skolen, så det at hun kan komme hjem og fortælle alt til 'TheBritishBoy1994' betyder alt for hende. Men den dag han pludselig kommer til Danmark bare for at besøge hende, ændrer Abbey's verden sig fuldstændig.


3. Prolouge


I had no idea, why I'd given her a fake name. I guess I just didn't want her to find out who I was. But then why were i standing at Copenhagen Airport? All I knew was that iI had to see her. I had to hold her; even if she'd run away right after.

"You're at the airport?! Ray, why would you come here?" she wrote,

"I'm sorry. I just need to see you! <3 Beautiful" I didn't know what to write; but I'd rather play tough..

"But.. Nobody knows, I write with you" it was obvious, she didn't want me to be here. I just couldn't help it!

"Abbey, I'm sorry. Can't you please say, you're going to a friends house, or something? I really want to see you <3" I almost bit my fingernails off,

"Okay! But you're gonna have to wait!" I got so happy, I nearly jumped trough the ceiling at the airport;

"I can do that. Thank you, Abbey <3" now I just had to wait.




Time went by really slow. Probably because I was waiting for the prettiest girl in the universe. Anyway, I waited for a long time, looking at her picture, to make sure I could recognize her, when she arrived; I was sure it wasn't gonna be hard, though. She was so beautiful. I convinced myself, I'd be able to recognize her anywhere. And that's when I saw her. It was like in movies, when the pretty girl comes in, and everything's in slow motion. All I saw was her. Her long hair, when she shook her head at me, continued by a smile, making me look pathetic. I immediately knew, I was gonna cry, when i left her.

"So? You coming?", she said. She didn't even know me. And she spoke english very well with that amazing voice,

"Of course," I couldn't take my eyes off her, as we walked across the parking lot, but then she blushed and i looked away; I'd might embarrased her..

"Okay; wanna tell me why you came to Denmark, please?" she asked me, and I smiled at her,

"To see you," I said,

"Just to see me? Why would you come all the way for me?", she looked at me, as if I were insane,

"Why not?", I had no explanation. I just had to come.

"That's all?", she smiled at me,

"Yeah. You were so sweet when we chatted. I just wanted to see you in person," I laughed,

"Okay, so how am I in person?", she asked, as she stopped walking,

"Beautiful", I took her hand, and she blushed again,

"And taller than I thought. You're 16, right?", I wasn't sure what she wrote,

"Yeah. Sixteen.. And you're 19..", she said slowly,

"I know.. But it's not like we're dating or something.. I mean, if you want to, we could..." I smiled at her,

"Woah, hold your horses, dude! I don't even know anything about you!", she said, still blushing,

"I was joking..!", I laughed, and she gave me weak punch,

"Auch," I said, still laughing,

"Do not ever joke about that. I nearly died!", she said, and smiled,

"Hah, alright, easy, tiger" I smiled, and let go of her hand, as we walked pass a lamppost.

"How was your flight, by the way?", she asked,

"Fine, I guess... Took a while, but I can't say I regret it!", I smiled at her, and she nodded as I, once again watched her cheeks turn red, witch made me wanna kiss them even more,

"I was wondering something, Abbey. Do you have Starbucks here?", I tried to look serious, but I think I failed,

"Of course! Are you crazy? It's my favorite place to be!", she laughed,

"Can we go there?", I asked politely,

"Sure. Follow me", she smiled at me, and walked faster, as she grabbed my hand.

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