†Celebrity Love†

Abbey Williams er en pige på 16 år med et meget specielt forhold til en dreng, hun har mødt online. Han snakker engelsk men det er ikke et problem.
Abbey har det ikke godt i skolen, så det at hun kan komme hjem og fortælle alt til 'TheBritishBoy1994' betyder alt for hende. Men den dag han pludselig kommer til Danmark bare for at besøge hende, ændrer Abbey's verden sig fuldstændig.


20. *Harry*



When we got on the plane, Abbey said hi to the others, and had a very long conversation about how it is to be in a boyband.

It was quite interesting, watching her talk like that with my best friends. They looked so comfortable, like she was just what we'd needed on our tours, to make us all calm down and take it easy.

"So how the heck did you meet Harry, anyway?", Liam asked, and Abbey sent me a smirk,

"That's a very good story, that we should definitely never tell anyone", I chuckled, which caused Abbey to laugh,

"It's really not that interesting. And I think I should probably be emberrased," she said, "It wasn't what you'd expect. And also, I thought he was a 40 year old pervert",

"So, the internet, then?", Niall laughed. I hadn't thought much about how creepy I'd actually sounded, when I messaged her at first. And really, I was just bored, and thought I'd surprise some people on the internet, with being all creepy and shit, and then turning out to be Harry Styles. But then Abbey came along, and I actually really wanted to meet her. But I still felt guilty, for being a creep on the internet.

Helene came in from the other room, and told us we were about to land.

"Where are we starting?", Abbey asked, and I realized I'd failed to tell her anything about the actual tour,

"Australia," I smiled,

"Wow. I've never been to Australia," she said,

"Then I guess, I'll have to show you everything, won't I?", I took her hand, and we got out of the plane together.

The airports were always chaotic. Not just because of the fans, but also because of all the other people. Business men who were way to busy to wait for famous people, and mothers with crying babies who definitely needed to get out before anyone else. And of course, the children running around everywhere, and their panicked parents looking desperately for them.

I hated this part. But then I remembered, that Abbey hadn't been to a place like this before. I squeezed her hand, and pulled her closer, so I wouldn't lose her in the chaos.

"How are you feeling?", I asked, and tried to avoid the photographers,

"Okay, I guess. Though, this is pretty messed up. There is a lot of people here, Harry!", she almost had to yell for me to hear her,

"I know. You get used to it.. Just hang on, we'll be out in a minute", I smiled and tried to calm her,

"Just try to get around the people taking pictures, and prepare for your face next to mine on the front page of every magazine in the next week", I said,

"Oh yeah, thanks for the warning," she chuckled nervously.

"It'll be okay. But stay out of the fangirl zone, 'cause they will chop your head off if they get the chance",

"Yey..", she said sarcastically.


It felt like the hotel was miles away, and when we finally got there, Abbey and I just dropped on the bed, exhausted. It was already getting dark outside.

"So what do we do now? When's the first show?", she asked,

"Now we wait here until someone asks us to be somewhere else," I smiled, "And the first show's in three days, I think",

"Phew. This is tough", she sighed with a smile,

"I know. I remember the first time I was on tour. I slept for four days when I got home", I rolled around and looked at her.

"Well, guess I'm looking forward to four days in dreamland after this", she said and did the same.

And then we just stared at each other for a while. I don't know why. None of us had anything to say, we were too tired to do anything else. And she was quite beautiful. I swear, it felt like a privilege to get to look at her for more than five minutes.

I had no idea how to move forwards with her. I was pretty sure by then that I wanted to spent a lot more time with her than just one tour. I just didn't know what to do. I couldn't read her face at all.

"What are you thinking about?", I asked, and stared into her eyes,

"I don't know..", she said,

"You must be thinking about something?", I smiled,

"Why do you wanna know?",

"Because I'm interested. And I can't read your mind, Angel",

"That's a shocker," she smiled, "I'm thinking about.. this, I guess. This whole thing",

"What thing?", I pushed,

"Meeting Harry Styles via the internet, being invited on tour with One Direction, actually getting permition to go form my mother, and meeting the rest of the band. Without paying anything. Usually this would cost me more than my house. And I still don't get why you brought me", she said.

I didn't know how to response. The obvious answer would be that I liked her, but how would I tell her that?

By instinct, I leaned in and kissed her. If that didn't prove it, what did?

At first, she was surprised, but then I guess she went along with it, and it turned into a longer kiss than I ever thought I'd get from her.

I hadn't felt this happy since I made the X-Factor. I'd had girlfriends, but I hadn't felt this strongly about anyone before. And I still felt like I didn't know her as well as she knew me, which actually scared the crap out of me, 'cause I was beginning to realize that I might be in love with her.

"What was that for?", she asked, breathing heavily, when I let go of her,

"That's why I brought you on tour", I smiled, and she blushed. She had quite a habit of that.

"What's that supposed to mean?", she asked, still taken by surprise,

"What do you think?", I mumbled, and gazed at the ceiling.

She didn't reply, but I could feel how she was still blushing. Did that mean she liked me too?


"I'm serious, you know", I said after a couple of minutes and turned my head back, to look her in the eyes

"About what?", she smiled, as though she knew what I was going to say, but just wanted to hear it,


"So, what, you love me?", she said, teasingly, with a chuckle, that quickly disappeared when I didn't respond, "Wait, do you love me?"

"Maybe. I think it's still too early to say", I smiled, still staring into her beautiful green eyes, "But at this point, I'd probably say yes".

Then she went silent for several minutes.

"Did Harry Styles just tell me he loves me?", she mumbled to herself.

"No," I said, "Harry, that weird dude from the internet, just did". I didn't want her to think of me as Harry Styles from One Direction. To her, I just wanted to be Harry.

She looked surprised. Then she smiled. And then she kissed me again. "Okay, Harry from the internet, then I guess I love you too", she whispered. At that moment, I had never been happier.


I woke up next morning next to Abbey, but a lot closer than the night before. She was still asleep. I couldn't even imagine how tired she'd been the night before. She said, she'd never experienced anyhting like it, and I was nearly dead the first time I was on tour.

I carressed her cheek lightly to make her wake up, but at first she just turned around and refused to react. Then I removed the hair from her ear, and whispered, "Angel..?", which made her open her eyes and breathe deeply, "Mmh?", she mumbled, and smiled at me,

"Sure you're awake?", I chuckled. She yawned, stretched har arms, and then looked back at me, "Uh.. I think so", she said.

"Wanna go for breakfast?", I asked,

"In a minute. I'd like to get dressed and brush my teeth first", she smiled, "And you should too. I will not be seen publicly with Harry Styles in his underwear..",

"Alright, then. But only 'cause I like you and I'm starving".

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