†Celebrity Love†

Abbey Williams er en pige på 16 år med et meget specielt forhold til en dreng, hun har mødt online. Han snakker engelsk men det er ikke et problem.
Abbey har det ikke godt i skolen, så det at hun kan komme hjem og fortælle alt til 'TheBritishBoy1994' betyder alt for hende. Men den dag han pludselig kommer til Danmark bare for at besøge hende, ændrer Abbey's verden sig fuldstændig.


11. *Harry*


Her dad talked for ever. Non-stop questions about me, the band, weirdly Simon Cowell, and everyting else! Except anything with Abbey. I guess, because I was famous, he didn't think I'd be bad for her.

"When are your next tour? Me and Abbey would like to buy tickets", he said.. Honestly, he kinda scared the shit out of me..

"I think I should probably go after Abbey.. ", I replied, as I stood up, and went downstairs.

"Abbey?", I called,

"In here", she said, and I figured it was the living room, as I could hear the tv, too.

"Whatcha' doin'?", I asked with me best american accent. She looked at me, with huge eyes,


"Alrighty then", I said, and sat down next her.

"But, to answer your question, I'm wacthing tv. Wanna join?", she asked, and I smiled. She turned up the volume.




When we both finally got our eyes off the tv, it'd been two hours. Two hours. Oops.

"Phew. What now?", she asked, just as her dad came down the stairs, and came into the living room;

"I'm leaving again, now. You kids, have fun", he winked, Abbey waved, and then he left.

"Okay. What now?", she asked again. Differently.

We were alone. I had a million things I wanted to do.. But I'm sure, my entire life would've played out completely different, if I'd said at least one of them out loud. So I didn't.

"I don't know. What do you wanna do?", I turned my head, to look at her beautiful face.

"Uhm..", she began, "We could... Go to town. Play more ps3. Watch more tv. Be more bored. Walk the entire earth, to find something fun.",

"I can take you to a fair?", I suggested. I had some money in my pocket.

"Hm. I'm scared of rollercoasters.", she said,

"Me, too", I replied. She looked at me,

"For real?", she asked,

"For real", I said.

"Then whaaaat?", she rolled around on the couch, "I'm boooreed!",

"Ps3, then?",

"Alright.", she said, and tried to get up, "I'm too fat to get off the couch, Harry. You're gonna have to carry me upstairs", she laughed.

She wasn't fat at all. She was beautiful.

I stood up, and grabbed her at the neck and her knees, and carried her up the stairs.

"Okay; I didn't think you'd actually do it," she laughed,

"Well, I take this whole thing very seriously," I said, and smiled.

When we got to her room, I put her on the bed, leaning over her.

And then, all of a sudden, she pulled me down, and kissed me again.

For a while, we were just laying there. Kissing.

But when she took off my shirt, I started worrying. Was she drunk? I mean, I hadn't known her for that long, but this didn't seem like her, at all.

I went along with it, though. This might've been my only chance..

So I grabbed her shirt, and started pulling it off her.

Then, more kissing.

"This.. Is a bit.. Different.. Than.. ps3", I said, trying to catch my breath, and she laughed.

Before the obvious, she decied to take off my socks; and my bandana..

We really did kiss a lot that day..

And then, when she reached out for my pants, suddently, we heard three knocks on the door, and before we could react, her mum were in the room. 

Abbey yelled at her in danish and the only thing, I understood were "Shit!"..

Fucking hell. That was my one chance. I really wanted to.... Ugh!

Then the mum burst into laughter, as she closed the door, as she said something, I had no idea what meant.

"I'm sorry, Harry", Abbey smiled. I think I laughed as much as her mum,

"You don't have to apologize, Angel", I kissed her again.

"We could.. Try another time, if you like..", she said. Hope. Only then, I realized.. She was 16. I'm pretty sure that's illegal, seeing as I was 19. Hope lost.

But she wanted to. She actually told me, she wanted to.. Besides, she started.. Maybe I had a chance. If I could avoid getting caught by the police.. ARGH...

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