†Celebrity Love†

Abbey Williams er en pige på 16 år med et meget specielt forhold til en dreng, hun har mødt online. Han snakker engelsk men det er ikke et problem.
Abbey har det ikke godt i skolen, så det at hun kan komme hjem og fortælle alt til 'TheBritishBoy1994' betyder alt for hende. Men den dag han pludselig kommer til Danmark bare for at besøge hende, ændrer Abbey's verden sig fuldstændig.


7. *Harry*


She went to the kitchen. She didn't want to hear me say the words. It wasn't such a big problem. I wasn't sure if I could say them either. I guess I just got a little sad because she walked away from me. Stupid Harry. What were you thinking? That she'd be all happy and marry you or something? I don't know what i was thinking. I wish I could go back.. 

"Abbey, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that", I walked out to her in the kitchen, to apologize,

"Harry, you're not supposed to be sorry for you're feelings.. I guess I just got a bit scared. I'm sorry for walking away", she said, and turned to look me in the eyes. Her eyes were pretty. Really pretty.

Stop, Harry. Stop now.

"It's okay. It's not like you stabbed me or anything," I smiled, and she laughed,

"Right," she said. I guess I'd just have to wait for the mood to lift again.




A few hours went by, we'd been watching a couple of movies -on the sofa-, and I think we were good. We laughed a lot. None of us had touched our tea. She was practically in my arms.

You know that feeling when you just wanna stay in one place forever? I had that feeling.

"Okay, what do you wanna watch now?", she asked me, when the movie ended,

"I don't know", I smiled,

"What should we do then?", she looked at me with her beautiful eyes, and suddently it felt like I couln't speak at all,

"Just lay here? Watch tv? Hah, I don't know, Angel, what do you wanna do?", I looked down at her, and she smiled. I knew what I wanted to do, but I don't think i could ask her.. I'd love to see her reaction, though! She'd probably scream and run away or something. Or point me to the door, and never talk to me again! No, I wouldn't dare to ask her anything like that. I really liked her; so now, everything inside of me told me not to screw up. And i certainly wasn't planing on.

"You know, we could stay here. All day. All alone", she smiled, and I felt my cheeks blush. I think my smile was bigger than hers. Well, I guess my thoughts were bigger than hers too.

No Harry. Relax, and get your disgusting shit together. If you want a chance with this girl, you better shut the hell up, man.

"I would like that very much", I smiled at her, and she laughed. I was stupid.

We actually did stay on the sofa all day. The best day of my life.




She fell asleep on me. I was half laying, and she was lying on me. Her head on my chest. And she was asleep. Damn, I wanted to kiss her. More than anything. I mean, of course I couldn't. But I really wanted to.

After a while, she woke up,

"Goodmorning, Angel", I kissed her cheek and she blushed,

"Hey", she mumbled. She was cute.

"Slept well?", I smiled,

"Yeah, you're pretty nice as bed", she laughed,

"Glad to hear i'm good at something", I smiled bigger. Shit, she was beautiful.

"Hah, Harry, I bet you're good at a lot of stuff", she smiled. What did she mean about that? I couldn't help but smile too.

She blushed, as if she'd regretted it. Then she stood up, and streched. Cute. She was cute. Everything about her was cute.

I couldn't help but wonder, though, if we had done something that night..? I honestly didn't remember.. And it was kinda scaring me..

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