†Celebrity Love†

Abbey Williams er en pige på 16 år med et meget specielt forhold til en dreng, hun har mødt online. Han snakker engelsk men det er ikke et problem.
Abbey har det ikke godt i skolen, så det at hun kan komme hjem og fortælle alt til 'TheBritishBoy1994' betyder alt for hende. Men den dag han pludselig kommer til Danmark bare for at besøge hende, ændrer Abbey's verden sig fuldstændig.


5. *Harry*


I didn't actually know what was going on. I just pulled Abbey inside and started dancing. I really liked her. We danced for quite a while, before they changed the song to something, we agreed, we weren't supposed to dance to. So we went for a drink at the bar. Of course she orderd for me. Turns out not that many people in Denmark speak english that well. Or at least, not many drunk people..


"So, wanna tell me the real reason, why you came?", Abbey asked me after a while. She jumped down the barstool, took my hand, pulled out on the floor and layed her hands around my neck. How could i not respond to that? Of course i put my hands around her waist, as i tried to answer her question,

"The real reason?", I smiled at her. She was cute, even though, she was drunk,

"Yeah. I know you didn't just come for me?", it sounded like she meant it,

"Of course I did, Angel", i wispered to her ear,

"Come on..! Don't lie, because-" I leaned down and kissed her. I had no idea why; I just wanted to. No; I had to.

I guess I'd made her silent. She didn't talk when i pulled away. I was worried, I'd done the wrong thing...

But then she grabbed my head, pulled my closer and kissed me again. But this time, far more intimate. And far better,

"You belive me now?", I asked her. She just bit her lip and nodded at me,

"Good. Wanna show me your house now?", I smiled, and she pulled me outside.

"Abbey.. I wanna tell you something", I tried, as we walked down the street,

"What is it, Harry?", she smiled at me,

"I..", I changed my mind, "Can we just talk when we get to your house?", I was getting insecure, and I think she felt it,

"Harry, what is it? You can just tell me?", she stopped and sqeezed my hand, "Is it important?", she smiled,

"It might be; but, can we just.. Not talk about it? Anyway, I have to get you home, Angel. You need some sleep," I said, and tried to make her walk on,

"Harry. If it's important, I wanna know", she said,

"It's not that important. Let it go; come on, Angel", I kissed her hand, pulled her close to me. She smiled, 

"Okay.. But you have to tell me, when we get there," she said, and hugged me. She was so tiny. And thin. I felt her spine all the way down her back. Witch made me a little worried. What if she'd been starving herself? I had to know, what she was like without me..




We arrived at her house, and she opened the door to let us in.

"Okay, Harry. Tell me.", she said, closing the door with her back,

"Angel, calm down. I wasn't gonna tell you right away", I had no idea how to tell Abbey how I felt,

"But Harry, I'm so curious!", she grabbed my shirt, and smiled at the ground,

"Come on, show me your room, Ab", I changed the subject, and she took me upstairs.

"Okay, this is my room. What do you think?", she smiled,

"It's beautiful, Angel", I said, as I stepped into a very light, -almost white- blue room, with a bright tree floor. Her bed was huge, and right above it, was a window just as huge. Her computer was on her desk, next to a book, witch probably was her diary. It said 'Abbey Williams' dagbog' on it. And I just guessed. And I saved the best for last. She had two entire walls stuffed with posters of me and the boys. But actually most me. I couldn't help but smile, when she blushed, 'cause she noticed me looking at her posters. So she did know me after all.

"I didn't know, you loved us that much," I laughed at her,

"Hah, do you really wanna talk about that right now? Weren't you gonna tell me?", she smiled,

"Angel, it wasn't important," i took her hand,

"But i wanna know! Come on", she kept going,

"Don't make it bigger than it is, Abbey. I said, it wasn't important," I tried, as I kissed her neck,

"Harry.. Please. I can't help it. I'm curious, Curley," she said. She called me Curley now? What was that about?

"Alright. I just wanted to say.. You look beautiful, Angel", I lied. Not about her being beautiful, of course..

"You sure that's it?", she asked,

"Of course, gorgeous," I said, and kissed her again,

"Okay...", she said, suspiciously, as she grabbed my shirt, pulled me to her bed, and started kissing me.

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