One Direction imagines

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  • Publiceret: 25 sep. 2013
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En masse One Direction imagines, enjoy lovies. <3


50. Niall (engelsk)

”POTATO” the screen on your computer blurted out. You had searched your boyfriends name on the internet and found a video of him screaming potato in front of a bunch of screaming girls.

You giggled so hard your stomach hurt so you clutched it. You felt a soft touch on your shoulder which made you jump out of your skin.

You turned around and saw your boyfriend staring at the screen and smiling.

“Are you seriously watching that?!” he laughed. You nod with a huge grin on you face and stand up.

Niall suddenly puts his hands on your tum and starts to tickle you. You go into hysterics and fall onto the sofa with Niall on top of you.

“Say it” you shout. He crosses his head playfully “SAAY ITTT!”

“POTAAATTOOOO!!!” he shouts. He leans in and kisses you and you both lie there watching the video in replay.


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