One Direction imagines

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  • Publiceret: 25 sep. 2013
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En masse One Direction imagines, enjoy lovies. <3


52. Louis (engelsk)

”How long have we been witing out here?” your best friend asks huffing impatiently.

“They’ll be out in a few minutes” you reassured her. “But just think! One Direction could actually notice us!”

You were waiting behind the metal nets for One Direction to come out. You wanted to be the first to lock eyes with your crush. Louis Tomlinson.

When you turned around, they were already there, and Louis…. Was already looking at you.

He came over to where you stood and cleared his throat.

“Would you like an autograph?” he asked sweetly.

You nodded and handed him your notebook. He scribbled down a long message, and then left to go to someone else.

You look down to read the note. Dear blah blah blah blah blah and then you got to the extra part. He wrote down his number.

You looked back up to see him. His eyes were still on you, even that he talked to someone else.


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